• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Poor ergonomics and stopped charging in less than a year

    • Written by from Rockford

    I purchased this when I upgraded my iPhone to a 5S and needed Lightning chargers. Out of the box, the function of the buttons didn't seem to make sense. It wasn't the "so simple you wouldn't need to read the manual" operation I expect from my electronics. When I realized that there is no 7-5-2 option so I'd have to manually turn my alarms off on Friday night and on again Sunday night. That made me just use the alarms on my phone instead of the radio. One annoying trait was that the volume randomly goes to full. Every once in a while, out of the blue, I'd get jarred awake by my phone alarm blaring in my ear. Lastly, just recently after about a year of use, the onboard port and the port through the Lightning cable just stopped charging the phone. Every once in a while if I play around with it for a few minutes, I can get one charging but it stops charging the other port. I just plug it into my computer at work to charge. All in all, I've had a terrible experience and won't be buying any other iHome products.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    A Marvel of Poor Engineering

    • Written by from Mohnton

    After my iH16 decided that buttons were for chumps and stopped responding to button presses, I decided to pick up the iPL10. At $70, it was quite a jump from the $40 iH16. I assumed that the price jump meant better quality and ease of use. Externally, this was correct. The iPL10 is a nice looking alarm clock. The mesh that extends all the way around the alarm clock gives it a nice texture and feel. The smooth silver-painted base contrasts well with the black mesh, and both create a unifying feel. The inclusion of a soft rubber pad and movable/rotatable lightning dock is also a step up, but only for those with iDevices with lightning ports. (This clock will not fit iPads due to its small size) The USB port at the back was also nice, but I still have to test whether it charges and responds to alarms with non iDevices. (I see no reason why it would not) On the inside, flaws start to develop. These range from minor annoyances to infuriating problems. First, the sound quality isn't that exceptional. The iPL10 also is extremely quiet compared to the iH16, as it seems to be only able to reach ~60% of the iH16's volume. The way that the unit operates is one of the largest flaws. Seemingly designed by the Ubisoft team that brought us all Uplay, the iPL10 tries to make your time with it as inconvenient as it can. When setting an alarm, you can only edit it by the seconds. There is no way to edit hours. You have to just sit there by the clock and hold the + button as the minutes tick by. The iH16 only had 2 non-unit specific buttons, and it still could change the time or alarm in an hour/minute setup. On top of this, the only way to add the alarm is to edit it again, which will add the alarm icon to the clock face. The unit also seems to have 3 buttons that turn things on or off. The mode button switches inputs, but also has an off function. The "power" button has an on/off setting, and the preset button has an off setting. The "power" button also doesn't control the power of the iPL10, but whether the device attached to it is backlit or not. The power button will just act as the sleep/wake button on the iPhone. The only way to turn on music from the phone is the preset button, basically an unneeded pause button that could have easily been merged with the power button. The alarm on th eiPL10 will only go off if you have all 3 different ports in sync with each other. You have to make sure the iPL10's alarm volume is turned u[ and is on. you have to check whether the system volume is up, which will mysteriously turn itself off for no specific reason. Finally, you have to see if your iDevice's volume is up. Not only this, but you have to have an active song loaded and playing on your device the entire time. The buzz alarm on the clock is not controlled by volume, but by 2 settings: Hi and LO. Both are far to quiet for those who sleep with fans/earplugs or live in a loud area. And the alarm only sometimes goes off. Even when set to the iPL10's loudest volume, an arbitrary 40, the alarm just won't go off. iHome Sleep is not compatible with this, even when following instructions.

    TL;DR: Expensive clock that seems to be designed to work against you. Avoid if you actually want a functioning alarm clock. Cheaper iHome models will be louder than this, and actually work. Overall, a dismal excuse for a higher end alarm clock.

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    Too bright

    • Written by from Salt Lake City

    As others have mentioned, great product - but too bright. Rather than illuminating just the numbers, this particular product illuminates the entire screen. So even when you select the dimmest possible setting, its a large blue screen shining at you. In a pitch black room, its insanely bright.

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