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    Great for decoration, not so much for protection

    • Written by from Bloomfield

    This is a very cute case for the iPod Touch 5. The colors will go nicely with any of the iPod colors available, and they will also blend in with any outfit or surface you place it on. The circles seem to match the shapes and sizes of the camera lens and the strap hook, and the little rhinestones are almost exactly the same size as the flash. This design complements the iPod Touch 5 perfectly. If you want something that looks great on it, this case can't be beat. If you're looking for a high level of protection, however, you would need to look elsewhere. The face is completely exposed, and this case doesn't have the little ridge on the edges which would keep the iPod elevated from it's resting surface, the way some cases do. Also, the top, bottom and buttons are not covered. Removing the case can be difficult, and you could possibly scratch your iPod in the process. If this will be your one and only case and you won't ever need to remove it, and you're not looking for added protection then this would be an excellent choice.

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