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    very nice bag, just the essentials.

    • Written by from Stoughton

    I have always used Incase sliders on my iPhones (3g, 3gs, 4, 5) They are really well made cases. So when I bought the new expensive retina macbook, I decided to get one of the Incase bags. This bag was the one I settled on, in grey for the 15 inch macbook w/ retina. The case itself is very attractive and minimalist with a durable grey fabric. The size is just right for the macbook, plus some accessories. One thing to note is that the extra accessory pockets are slim, so a larger accessory like a mouse would create a large bulge or perhaps not even fit. A usb harddrive or your charging ac brick fit fine with only a slight bulge apparent. The actual sleeve for the macbook is lined with a nice fleece and the entire inside is blue. The carry handles are really well done, padded and just the right size. They tuck into a little pocket on the case if you don't need them. The shoulder strap is one of the best I have used. It has little pockets of padding along the string pad, with what feels like gel beads inside. Very comfortable. The ends of the straps attach with metal buckles to a small metal ring on the sides of the bag. This is nice, since the metal rings are just big enough to receive the clasp and not too big so they rattle around or get caught on things. The zippers are well made, slide smoothly and seem like they will last. They are the reverse seam type so they will provide some measure of water protection. The corner of the bag has a extra zip for the charging port. This seems to work quite well and I imagine will come in handy for quick charges at airport plugs. All in all, highly recommend this bag.

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