• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent product itself! However...

    • Written by from Berkeley

    I am satisfied with this product overall.
    everything is perfect. typing is soft, quality is good, and moving between different devices work greatly!

    The only thing I don't like is key mapping problem with "fn" key.
    I use betterTouchTool app to customize my key mapping.
    for example, with apple mouse. "fn+two finger swipe to the left" => maximize current window at the left half of screen.
    However, this keyboard doesn't recognize pushing "fn" key alone.
    Unless you push "fn+ another key on the keyboard", the keyboard doesn't send a signal to computer.
    I strongly believe that the "fn" locates best accessible position at the corner, so there are many people using the key as a shortcut with another action. if you are the one and going to use this keyboard, you should change the key mapping not using "fn" key.
    In my case, I changed all key mapping replacing with "shift". it feels weird for me now since I got used to using 'fn'.
    I asked this to Logitech, but they answered like as if they didn't care this matter.

    Other than that.. this product is the best keyboard for the people who use multiple apple devices.