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    Don't buy this

    • Written by from Newport

    I purchased this just over a month ago. It seemed to be working well. Then last week, nothing. Not on my desk top. I tried to use my utilities program, and it reported the product had malfunctioned and I should retrieve my data-- Every picture I took last year, by the way. I purchased another utility program and drive that allowed me to retrieve and store my data (250.00 more), but I still could not get any repair program to work. I contacted LaCie who informed me the data was most likely bad and gave me the steps for using my utilities to clear it, didn't work, more instruction (of course, it must be the data, can't possibly be the drive). So, here I am 6 days of work later, still unable to use the drive. Now their excuse is that it is my MAC. Can I find a PC to clear it on? I have also been told to switch power cords and drive to computer connections. Come On! A product this expensive should work well for more than a month! Don't buy it. Quite honesty, one star is too many.

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    LaCie 4TB d2 Thunderbolt unmounts itself

    • Written by from Dubai

    I was really looking forward to using this drive but I'm a little disappointed. The drive periodically un-mounts itself, sometimes during file transfers and sometimes while I am working on my photos (which are stored on an Aperture library located on the disk). I've already suffered from one damaged Aperture library so far, which I was not able to rebuild successfully.

    Again, I'm disappointed because when it does work it is fast and quiet. It also looks the part... I'm in touch with LaCie tech support, hopefully they'll be able to help.

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    Mother always said beware of fast drivers.

    • Written by from Lethbridge

    BEWARE: Often it doesn't pay to get in with somebody you don't know. I have been using Apple products since 1980 and a multitude of of hard drives since they arrived including many Lacie drives. Some died after a few years but some are still ticking. Yes, I was expecting this new Thunderbolt to be fast and it was. But it also crashed fast. (I guess that's what happens when you drive too fast. Joke - but not funny) It lasted a month then suddenly I lost 90% of my files.

    I was told to erase it and try again and it was probably just a glitch. Sure enough, Disk Utility says it seems OK. Oh yeah, I say to myself. I'll let you know if there are any more attacks.

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    only 1 thunderbolt port????

    • Written by from toronto


    with only 1 thunderbolt port, there is no daisy chaining option - no way to plug another thunderbolt device beyond this one.

    this technology is extremely expensive and is going to be dead in the water if companies aren't building products that are properly designed. if you use multiple drives, or thunderbolt devices - stay way from this one - or you'll be constantly unplugging and plugging devices back in. and you know what kind of wear and tear that does to the ports.

    go buy a wd drive - they at least have 2 thunderbolt ports.

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