• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Not happy

    • Written by from Montreal

    I just received my G-Technology 4TB G-RAID (FW) yesterday and today IT keeps auto-ejecting itself any time I try to copy large files to it. Disappointed.

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    Dead Drive

    • Written by from san francisco

    Started to slow and finally died. I barely got my files off before it gasped for its last breath. I contacted G-tech and they never returned my email with questions about slowing. Then when it died G-Tech would not warranty the drive because it was 1 week out of warranty. I'm a professional user, would never buy this product again. They have lame duck service too. The only thing less reliable is Lacie.

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    Great drive!

    • Written by from Fair Haven

    This is a great drive. I have a 2TB internal drive that I back up onto this G-drive with Time Machine. It works flawlessly. Even though it's two drives that come in one enclosure, it shows up as one drive on the desktop. Note that you have to use the included USB cable (if you're using USB) to connect it to the computer, not the USB cable from an older, smaller G-drive you might have.

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    Very noisy drive

    • Written by from Teaneck

    The drive appears to be working fine, but it is INCREDIBLY NOISY! With today's technology, I see no reason why a drive approaching $400 needs to be so noisy. It sounds like it's constantly grinding away at something...I just hope it's not something bad or destructive.

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    Raid My A...

    • Written by from GREENFORD

    What a disappointment.....

    It may be fast but this dual drive raid device doesn't really do raid. I was expected 2 drives in the enclosure to mirror them.... but guess what.... only one visible drive.... so no feasibility to mirror....

    So Raid Zero means Zero Use for me. I'm sending it back.

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