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    I've been using this bag for a few weeks on campus now with my MacBook Air, and seeing as there are no reviews for it yet, decided to let other potential buyers know what I think. Focused Space is a fairly new company and so I must admit I was apprehensive about purchasing one of their products online with no reviews, but I must say I am quite impressed with the quality of this bag. I look forward to seeing what else the company has in store for Apple products in the future.

    I gave this product four stars because while great, it isn't perfect. Below are a few of the pros and cons of the product to better explain why I gave it four starts.

    -Quality. Focused Space spared no expense when making this bag. The double canvas structure of the bag is wonderful. The stitching seems to be very sturdy which is not the case for all laptop backpacks, especially around the shoulder straps, but this bag is definitely well put together. The quality of all the individual aspects of the bag is very impressive.
    -Product specific. I use this bag with my 13 inch MacBook Air and the bag works great for it. Other bags I have used have engulfed my Air, but this one works great.
    -Comfort. I don't know how to convey to you the comfort of the back and should straps. The design is close to perfect. I love the material the straps are made of. Sometimes I forget I have the bag on.
    -Style. This is really the kicker for this bag. the black on khaki looks sharp, and the FS accents on the bag give it added aesthetic appeal. I believe I've received an average of a like per day on campus and in my travels since I've had the bag. People are always asking me where I got it and where they can get one. It really is a great looking bag.

    -Velcro closing. While I like the closing of the bag which makes for easy access, the velcro that holds the bag closed is very cheap for a bag of this quality. I feel FS could have done a better job on this aspect of the bag. There is a hook closing which helps, but still, the bag would be better overall with higher quality velcro or some other type of closing.
    -Size. The bag is small. In the description I believe the bag is measured at having four inches of overall width and that may be a bit generous. When I have my Air, iPad, and accessories in the bag I only have room for my thin portfolio folder which can be a pain if I have books to take to class. Then again, it is made for the MacBook and not for class, so college students use your discretion. The sized also limits the usefulness of all of the pockets for accessories, but again, it's made to be small.
    -Protection. The only real disappointment of this bag for me is it's lack of protection for the MacBook and iPad sleeves. The MacBook has some padding, albeit flimsy, but the iPad pocket has virtually no padding. This could be a big area of improvement for FS.
    -Price. The bag is $100. No doubt due to the quality and perhaps exclusivity of the product, but $100 will get you a long way with other laptop bags, so do your research before dropping $100 on it.

    Overall, I am very satisfied with this Focus Space bag. It is a great looking, high quality product.

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