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    Does not alway work

    • Written by from Anchorage

    I bought a Nest and tried to get it to work and could not, I'm a Sys Admin and still had trouble getting it to work, I called Nest and they walked me through some chgs and still would not work, Then found out the adv model of my router would not wk so I bought a diff one and still after my hours of tiring to get to wk no luck, So I bought a 2nd one just to make sure and it would not work, So I took both back to Lowe's and Bought the Hunter Douglas Model and Guess what in 20 min and it as working including on my iPhone DONT BUY THIS NEST

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    Thermostat Disconnected

    • Written by from Eureka

    I purchased a house with 2 Nests. Seemed like a great concept, however the unit's constently disconnect from the App. I'm told it's because they lose power and connectivity is the first function that shuts down. What good is a thermostat that you can control remotely that is only connected 15% of the tiime. Not to mention if you change your schedule for the slightest reason the whole concept of a learning thermostat is in the toilet!. If you work from home Iyou'll need to keep telling the unit that "I'm working in the office, stop setting the system to away!!" The only benefit I have gotten is the abitlity to set the system to away when I'm out of town. That is, if it's connected. Check back enough times and I might catch it connected.

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    Stay with traditional Programmables!

    • Written by

    In theory a great thermostat... that is IF YOU are a predictable person / family. As a retired construction / remodeling business owner, including HVAC, I would NEVER put one in a customer's home WITHOUT advising them of the potential problems with this "engineering marvel". AGAIN, IF you have a VERY regular AND predictable lifestyle, maybe an OK choice, but at the retail price (what the homeowner is charged by most contractors), I'd NOT recommend it! PERIOD! My business operated / grew on by-name-referral BECAUSE the products I installed were top-notch as was our craftsmanship -- "Old Worlde". W e did NOT do bandaid fixes NOR install junk! This item may not be junk, BUT it'll have you wanting to rip it off the wall and throw it out the window or in the fireplace... when you wake up at 3 AM sweating because the STUPID thing has decided no one is home! OR, you'll come home having set it back BEFORE you left for the week... only to come back to find it "had a mind of its own" AND turned the house into a meat locker when no one was home!!! Neither of my HVAC systems have one!!!! As I said, in theory (and design) may be an OK idea, BUT has far too many shortcomings -- PROBLEMS -- to be used in my high-end business. AND by "high-end", I mean QUALITY, NOT ridiculously expensive!!!! Stay with traditional Programmables! They're more dependable & trustworthy, like the KC-135s I flew, that are still in the air, while KC-10s may soon be history (retired USAF)

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Gorgeous design & impressively engineered. Buy it!

    • Written by from Nashua

    A beautiful, beautiful, piece that will turn heads and turn down your electric bill, this well thought out thermostat is an architectural element that will literally pay for itself over time. (And you can adjust the temp without getting out of bed!) Honestly, I would've bought it just for the design, but Nest did it right, and made it better than all of the rest for the number crunchers concerned with a return on their investment too.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Very Convenient, Very Happy

    • Written by from Austin

    Great product. No regrets. Love adjusting the thermostat remotely.

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    HAL 9000

    • Written by from Moreno Valley

    HAL 9000 is what I named my Nest. This is one of the coolest things that I have ever bought. My old thermostat would always turn off and on at different times, yet it was not broken. When I installed it—the old unit—I set up a schedule. Yet 2 years later it seemed like it either never went by the schedule or just ignored it all together. Like many people, my energy savings went out of the door. I replaced it with the Nest—read Hal 9000—this thing is unbelievable! First off, they have thought of everything. The install, they have plates that cover up your old thermostat's hole... they include a screwdriver to disconnect the leads/wires from the old setup... they even have a leveler with the green fluid and bubble built into the unit so you know it is level. After the install be prepared to be amazed. This thing has wifi, learns your habits, you can operate from your phone or computer—it even senses when you are standing infront of it! This things is like strapping an iPhone/ipod/ipad to your heating and cooling system. Hal 9000- I mean the Nest is amazing! The only problem that I am having is explaining to my friends that they need to come over to my house to check out my killer thermostat. They think its weird until they see it, and then they want one. Only thing left to do now is teach it to open the pod bay doors, and then tell it to refuse to open them after I ask.

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    • Written by from Innisfil

    I have had this for over three months now, and I am truly amazed with it.
    I like the fact that if I go away for a few days, I don't have to worry about setting up a new schedule, it knows I am away and takes care of everything.

    On my way home form a weekend of fishing, I can turn on the air conditioning before I get home, so the house is cool by the time I get there.

    I really like not having to switch the thermostat from heat to cool, it just knows what to do.

    A fantastic device. I think it is overpriced, but I still bought one and I am very happy with it.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best Thermostat you can buy

    • Written by from Spokane

    My wife pre-ordered me one of these when they first came out a couple of years back - and I love it. Nest has updated both the iOS software and the software running the unit itself many times with new features and enhancements and they've all worked perfectly. It's interesting to review the history it keeps and learn how often your furnace or AC kicks on in different weather conditions. Over the years, I've turned it into a game of how much I can save by either letting it work itself, or even for example actively cooling the house at night. When we are away on vacation, it's even piece of mind to know that nobody came into your house (and that it's still standing!). I actively turn it on when I'm an hour or so away from home so that the house is up to temperature when we get home. I bet that becomes a feature with future software updates. No doubt the most used iOS App on my iPhone. Check them out at Lowes if you're unsure - but you won't regret buying this thing!

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    Does it all

    • Written by from Santa Barbara

    It took me 10-15 min to set it up. Works great and I like the look of the device. I just got it so I am still experimenting with it but its got lots of options. I'm looking forward to playing with it and enjoying the benefits.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Amazing is an understatement

    • Written by from Fresno

    Sooo I bought two of these jewels for my home. Setup was a snap. I had them both working in less time than it took for the software to update. The energy reporting day over day is really helpful. The remote access is great fun. We were out of town for the weekend. We set the temp to 80 and cut the usage for one unit to 0 hours compared to 6 hours and the other to about 6 hours instead of 11 hours (two story house). When we left for home we set them back to 77 and when we walked in the door the entire house was cool and comfortable. I am very anxious to see what kind of energy savings we will enjoy now that we can really monitor our usage. Only criticism, is I wish the daily energy usage could also be viewed real time every six hours day over day.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Awesome Thermostat!

    • Written by from Conshohocken

    Works great. iPhone 4S app is amazing. Very intuitive. Looks great. "Away" feature allows you to use the A/C or heating less and save $$$. Really nice to be able to go away on vacation and turn it on remotely before you get home.

    And great customer service. I thought I had a hardware issue that likely was software related but support helped me out over a couple phone calls. Even sent me replacement parts and a charging cable all free of charge. Highly recommend.

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Austin

    I never thought a thermostat could upgrade a room. I know my old white one that was stuck on 74 degrees wasn't very pretty. My new lovely Nest thermostat is gorgeous! And it almost feels like my AC works better now. This is one of the coolest gadgets I have ever bought. I think I might like it more than my iPad or iPhone....well, at least I equally love them all.

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Awesome Product

    • Written by from Clermont

    Easy to install, took 20 minutes, and over the last 5 months saved us about 20% in our electric bill. This is the best consumer product I have purchased in many years.

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Richmond


  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Love It!

    • Written by from Bethesda

    I've had the nest for a little over a month. I have yet to see another power bill to compare savings, but intuitively, I know I have saved money.

    The installation is easy. Just take a picture of your current thermostat's wiring, use the Nest website to determine if your system is compatible, and then its as simple as taking the old unit off and reconnecting the new one with maybe a few holes needing to be drilled. Programming the unit was relatively easy too. Once I manually entered the wifi password, just about everything else I could do from my laptop.

    Once you set up the system, it does learn your habits, but it also has settings to keep various temperatures during the day and an away feature that can be set. The way I see it, you have redundant options to keep your house comfortable without wasting power.

    One feature I love is the iPhone app. I can monitor the house temperature throughout the day. I often use this feature when I am leaving work to ensure that the house is comfortable by the time I arrive home.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Simple to install, works flawlessly

    • Written by from Media

    Even the packaging on this product was very well done. Installed in under 15 minutes. I used the back plate to prevent patching and painting the area behind my previous programmable thermostat. The setup is elegant. I have a forced air system with gas for heat, and so far I have only used the A/C portion. I can control the thermostat from my iPhone, iPad, computer or old school - right on the thermostat. The quality is exceptional and certainly justifies a higher cost. Not sure $250 is the magic number but if you look at it from a cost savings perspective, it will likely pay for itself eventually, but not quickly. I also own Philips Hue lighting and the iOS software for the Nest is significantly better. I did not have to call technical support so I can't really comment there. Easy to adjust whether you are in the house or on the go. Obvious Apple design influence. Bottom line: looks great, works as advertised, software is well designed, easy to install, and great to be able to control remotely. I have not used it long enough to get a sense of the self learning benefits, but tracking is easy with the software provided.

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    The Nest - Problem after problem

    • Written by from Wayne

    The Nest upgrade to v 3.5.1 (7.1.13) software has created massive connectivity issues (failures) for me (Apple Routers) and others. See Nest community form. Very disappointing product.

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    Horrible time with Nest...

    • Written by from highland beach

    I picked up two Nest thermostats last week. One is working fine, the other not so much. My AC units in the home are all the same. I sent in pictures of my thermostat was told I was good to go, etc...

    At this point I have returned 4 units... I was told each time my terminal (the thing the wires plug into that mounts to the wall) had a bad "G" connection N26 error and to return it for a replacement. I was finally told that small voltage spikes can kill the base unit/terminal and cause it to need replacing, a common issue?? Seems odd that a $20 20 year old thermostat can take it but the $250 Nest can't?

    I then was told my system is incompatible?? But its working fine on the other one with the same AC model unit... Makes no sense.

    I then call in my AC guy and spend $200+ on some troubleshooting to be told the same thing about bad base unit/terminal / voltage spikes replaced the base again 4th time and it worked for about 8 hours. I wake up at 3am hot the fan is not running ac is frozen... Check the wiring under equipment on the nest and guess what!? "G" connection N26 error like every-other time. No solution given when I called this morning.

    I then called concerned about my working unit, will it go down so easily with a small spike?

    I was given no solution and told to return all of the units if I was really concerned... FAIL. I will not be recommending the Nest thermostat to anyone regardless of their experience with technology or AC units.

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    Ease of use

    • Written by from Alpharetta

    The setup is easy and it works perfectly. I am getting the other two I need for the entire house.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from coral springs

    This product is simply amazing. It doesn't exactly what it advertises.. You can control you thermostat from anywhere and it was very easy to install. Installation took less that 20 mins.. Great buy. You never have to go your thermostat again to change the temperature.

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