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    Bluetooth Does Not Connect to 5s - "Devices Searching"

    • Written by from New York

    I purchased this speaker about 8 months ago when I had an iPhone 4. I loved it. It was really easy to use, the sound was fantastic and I very much enjoyed listening to my music from my phone with ease. I recently purchased the iPhone 5s and it will not connect to my JBL FLIP. When I turn on my bluetooth it simply says "devices searching," eventually drains my battery and never connects. The product description claims it's compatible with both devices, but unfortunately that was not the case for me.

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    Agree with other posts

    • Written by from NEWMARKET

    Bought the JBL Flip today. Yes the sound quality is very good, but it does seem to have some connectivity issues that need to be addressed. I just finished watching a movie and every twenty minutes or so id lose Bluetooth connection - the speaker was right beside my computer so there should have been no reason to lose the connection. I will be returning the product tomorrow. As well I forwarded an email to JBL advising they need to take a serious look at their setup instructions. I have never experienced instructions that were so poorly written as they were.

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    Decent sound, horrible Blue Tooth

    • Written by from Plant City

    If you're an audiophile, run as fast as you can, but it sounds fairly well for what it is, but my complaint is with the Blue Tooth. Sometimes it works flawlessly, other times I want to throw the piece of garbage at the salesman who talked me into buying it.

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    Sounds Great When it Wants to

    • Written by from New York

    I had high hopes of this speaker after all the great reviews it got. But when I got home and tried it out it was horrible. After charging it for 3 hours, the speaker sounded low and muffled as if it had been submerged in water. I gave it the benefit of the doubt and hoped that I just gotten the bad one of the bunch and exchanged it for another. The second one wouldn't connect at all to my MacBook, or iPad. I finally got it to work on my phone and it sounded great (which is why I gave it two stars) but it would skip parts of the song or glitch too much making it hard to enjoy the music. I wouldn't recommend it at all unfortunately.

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    • Written by from Phoenix

    While the sound quality is pretty decent, the bluetooth connection is very unreliable. It keeps cutting out when connected and then takes a really long time to reconnect. Also has to be very close to whatever it's connecting to or it doesn't work. I'm bummed that I will be returning to store, was hoping not to have to spend a fortune just to get a decent wireless speaker.

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    Bluetooth FAIL

    • Written by from San Francisco

    Was really excited when I bought this little guy. The sound was pretty robust for how much you pay and the battery life was cool. The downfall of this product is it's bluetooth connection.

    If I have the speaker 2 feet away and I place the phone in my pocket, the bluetooth immediately cuts out. Any time the smallest barrier comes between the speaker and device, no matter how short the distance is, the bluetooth becomes spotty and struggles to maintain the sound.

    I bought the Logitech UE portable boom box as its replacement and I'm way more content than I was with the Flip.

    Jus sayin'

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