• 3.0 out of 5 stars

    attractive and nice, but doesn't close

    • Written by from Berkeley

    This is a very attractive case, which is why I bought it. The leather feels very nice in my hand.

    The major issue with this case is that it doesn't close--there's no closure or clasp on it at all. Which means that the display always shows, and, it just has a not-closed look to it, all the time--not something you want to hold your money and credit cards in, along with your iPhone. I used two hair bands to hold it closed--one along the spine, one attached to that to loop around it, and that helps, but I don't understand why they did not include some sort of clasp/closure.

    Also, the plastic holder for the phone itself does not quite hold the phone in tight enough, and my phone did fall out once, so I'm not completely faithful it will be protected if I drop it.

    I do like it though in many ways, especially aesthetic, as most holders on the market are either very ugly, or provide almost no protection. I'm not sure yet whether I would buy one again or not. If they add a closure/clasp, then, yes. Otherwise, not sure.

  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Twelve South BookBook Case

    • Written by from bronx

    I got this amazing case for Christmas 2013, it's now mid June 2014 and even though this is literally a great case (I haven't lost, broken, or cracked my phone since I got this case) ONE major issue is that where the actually phone sits is already coming apart. I mean $60 for a case should literally last a few years. Sad thing is I wish Apple could replace the item but they can't. Over all great case but cost to much if its already falling apart.

    NYC/ TJ

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    ALMOST Perfect....MAJOR Flaw

    • Written by from Groton

    This "case" is awesome but with a MAJOR flaw. The look, feel, even smell is great. The classic leather book look comes with the classic leather book smell which is pretty cool. Phone fits firmly with no wiggle room so you can feel safe the phone won't pop out. The cards and ID slot hold firmly, almost too firmly but once they are broken in works great. No need to worry about the plastic ID spot scratching your screen but most people use a screen protector now a days anyway. The MAJOR flaw is no one can hear you when you talk on the phone! I read the reviews before purchasing and thought to myself "how can a case effect how people hear you?" but once I used it I knew exactly what they were talking about. I only used mine for a week and had to return it because no matter who I talked to, which phone or carrier, cell or land line was on the other end, they couldn't hear me. That is really disappointing because otherwise this would be the best "case" out there. I loved not carrying a wallet with me and only needed to bring this but back to the search I go. If 12 south can figure out this issue some how then I will be buying another one guaranteed! If you don't talk much or use a headset mostly then this will be just fine for you.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Form over function

    • Written by from Mequon

    Anyone looking into this case should know one important con! There is a significant loss in cellular signal strength if you attempt to talk on the phone with this case. If you have five bars where you live, then disregard this, but I often have to remove the case (a cumbersome process) to have a decent quality phone conversation in my house. Now I love the looks of the 12South cases - I had the BookBook 4 for my IPhone 4s, and I bought this 5s case too. Now, I spend more time online and texting than I do on the phone, but anyone who does do a lot of talking should be wary of the case's drawbacks. Other than the reception issue, this design has some big plusses - RFID chips (like your subway card or your ID) can be read through the front or the back of the case, which makes swiping onto public transportation a snap. The simplest convenience of all is having your necessary cards, your cash, and your iPhone all in one easily accessible place. Three stars, of five.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Book Book for iphone 5

    • Written by from Lubbock

    Love the design and it protects my iphone like nothing else I have had. I have had it since March and it looks like I have carried it through a world war combat assignment. The color has all rubbed off to a dull gray. I didn’t expect it to stay shiny and brand new looking, I just didn’t expect it to look shabby this quickly.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Functional but...

    • Written by from Westminster

    Pros: It functions well. It's bulky but it certainly protects the phone.

    Cons: Most people think the case is a little bible. It's very annoying and the reason I'm in the market for a new case.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    its alright

    • Written by from Walnut

    the book do not close all the way.... its ok

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    A nice case, with a couple of caveats

    • Written by from Toronto

    The case looks and feels great. I don't have any doubts that it protects the phone effectively, and the fact that it doubles as a wallet is a nice plus (although it doesn't hold as many cards as I'd like).

    Two things to keep in mind, though:

    1. I came to the iPhone from a Blackberry so I'm used to the real keyboard. Getting used to the on-screen keyboard has been a pain. It's now taking me two or three times as long to type out short emails, text messages, and tweets.

    I'm sure this is normal for anyone switching from a BB, but the design of the case makes this just a little bit harder, especially when you're using an app that won't switch to landscape mode. I've found that when I'm in portrait mode, it's very difficult to type using both thumbs -- folding the front of the case around the back just makes it even harder, given that my left thumb is already a little shaky. If I can't switch to landscape, I'm basically doing everything with my right thumb or index finger. Slows me down.

    2. I've read what some of the other reviewers are writing about the sound being muffled, and I've had that experience occasionally as well.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Half-baked design

    • Written by from Newmarket

    The bookbook is a really cool concept. Ditching my lame wallet is so enticing and overall, the bookbook presents the most compelling product on the market today. The sales videos are interesting, but I still hesitate. Here's my take:

    The phone is on wrong side. Why on earth would you want the volume buttons on the inside where they are not accessible? This also makes it awkward to use the iPhone to take photos since the book will fold over only to cover the lens. DOH! Half-baked design in my bookbooks.

    My next criticism is more subjective: The design includes an extra slot for a card, which is great, but for me personally, I still need more storage for cards/receipts to be truly practical - license, health, insurance, payment and loyalty cards. The digital wallet era is not mainstream/perfected to conveniently use these cards, directly from my phone. The digital wallet needs to reasonably compete with the time it takes to swipe a physical card. So today, I'd rather a smartphone wallet that is a thicker so that i can still carry most of the junk from my lame wallet.

    I think this wallet can be improved several ways:
    - Perhaps a trifold design to increase storage
    - Perhaps an integrated stand like the HEX iphone wallet but add receipt storage slot directly under the phone
    - Perhaps a single card/receipt slot on the exterior of the bookbook for quick access to a frequent item
    - Perhaps a quick connect/disconnect clip for the (phone+case) so that I can still mount the phone to my car dash, etc...
    - Perhaps a better video to teach me how to effectively use it (in conjunction with some sort of traditional wallet??)

    I hope a manufacturer reads this and does something to either improve on the product or marketing. I want to buy something like this!

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