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    Swings both ways

    • Written by from Glasgow

    I bought this to connect my older Mac Mini to an HDMI input of my AV system. The packaging, when it arrived, implied it was for the opposite: Connecting the more recent HDMI output of a Mac to the DVI input of a monitor. I had a slight panic, but then thought about HDMI and DVI... very similar digitally. Took a chance that the cable was nothing but a connector change and a re-routing of wires, no active nothing. That turned out to be correct -- works just fine in my application. Initially I have it plugged into the front HDMI input, where it looks awful, the white cable into my black AV gear, but oh well. I'll get it moved around back and no one will know.

    Four stars because the AV end and cable are white. AV gear has been almost entirely black for years. White is just dumb for this application.

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