• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Really cool lighting, but abysmal app on iPhone and iPad.

    • Written by from Windsor

    This is an ingenious product. We hold a house concert series and I got these for lighting the artists. Works perfectly and our guests (artists and guests) loved them. I probably sold 5 people on these. They were asking how and where to buy them.

    The only detraction is the application to control them. It needs help, it could be so cool. I'd give it a 5-star rating if the app was better.

    I downloaded a color wheel image and used that as my basis image for setting the light colors. Then it was a snap to dial in the desired mixture of reds and blues to make a nice "stage" setting.

    Expensive, but really, really cool product. I'll be buying more lights for other locations in the house.

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Absolutely Awesome!

    • Written by from West Covina

    First and foremost, it's easy to setup. I purchased the starter kit with 3 bulbs and the bridge at the Apple store. I followed the directions from the website and within minutes had my iPhones, 2-iPads, and iMac controlling the bridge. The bridge needed to be updated but an icon came up once I wanted to set an alarm to a light. The bulbs are bright enough, I replaced with 75w incandescent and just depends on HOW YOU SET UP YOUR SCENE, yes, you can setup hundreds of combinations per lamp if you want. As most of the electronics I purchase I read up on comments and ratings, there was a lot of haters for this product and almost didn't buy it. It was a youtube post that changed my mind. By the way, there was a post that they could only program for 7 days a week, um, yeah..... There is many ways to program each light, set up timers and even location so when you get home the lights turn on and off when you leave.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Not bright enough and app is horrible and not user friendly. Works Harmony

    • Written by from Dedham

    I purchased these yesterday from the Apple store and saw reviews about the brightness factor of these bulbs but ignored it. I switched out my 75 and 100 watt bulbs for these and noticed instantly that the room got darker and these bulbs are very dim. I want to say they are equivalent to 60 watt bulbs. The changing color modes is pretty cool and you can go from cool to warm and various colors and blends. The app on the iPhone is horrible and not user friendly in my eyes. It takes lots of stumbling around to find what you need and the timer settings keep telling me my bridge needs updating even though I am using the latest updates. The color blending is okay but unless you want your rooms to be red and blue etc, there is no usefulness to this. I have yet to try this turning lights on prior to coming home. The app keeps telling me I need to be connected to Wifi and kicks me over to the Phillips website. The one thing I do like is that this is configured to my Harmony Ultimate Remote. Using the remote I can set up activities to turn on with the lights at the same time plus I can adjust brightness and tone setting etc. That to me was great. However the bulbs are so very dim, not sure I can highly recommend this to anyone if they want to light up a large room. The email and Facebook and Instagram signaling via the bulbs was a pretty cool factor but I know I would never use it. In all these bulbs are just okay and need work to make them a brighter bulb for the consumer.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Awesome Light Package

    • Written by from EAST STROUDSBURG

    Purchased the Starter Set yesterday. Set it up this evening and had everything running in a few minutes. Setup app on my Wife's phone, Son's phone and a couple of iPads. Even was able to share custom settings to all 5 controllers. It was very intuitive and not hard at all to setup. We made a custom "Halloween" setting and surprised our Granddaughter when she came upstairs from watching a movie. Can't wait to get more bulbs and do more "light" designing! I highly recommend this product. Lots of fun.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Not bright enough for recessed lighting

    • Written by from HOUSTON

    I returned this product after I tried it. It didn't provide enough light in my living room compared to my existing incandescent 65w soft white flood spot light bulbs.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Jamaica Plain

    I've had this product for almost a year now and completely love it. While the manufacturer's application is bulky and cumbersome the third party apps you can download are amazing. I have completely relamped my house with these bulbs. While they are pricey, I feel they are worth it. It's a total hit during parties and holidays!

    The only downside to these bulbs is that I have two kittens who like to tug on the lamp cords. If the bulb glass shatters, you can't replace it. This is the only downside to this system.

    BUY IT! You won't regret it!

  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great product, software could use some work.

    • Written by from San Jose

    When I first saw this I wondered why Apple was selling light bulbs, but after I realized what it did I was pretty impressed. Love the fact that you can set various lighting scenes and turn them on and off when you aren't home. No surprise, my kids love playing with it too.

    The software is ok, but I wish it were better. Philips has done a nice job of updating and adding features over time but it still has some annoyances. For example, you can't turn on a scene that has a schedule attached to it remotely. You have to be on your home wifi to do that. In older versions of the software, scheduled events could not be repeated daily, but at least they have fixed this now. Seems to defeat the purpose of having scheduled scenes if you can't turn them on/off while away.

    Some really nice features:

    - Geo fenced so you can have scenes turn on when you arrive at home or off when you leave.
    - Scheduled scenes can be set to start/stop with some randomization of the actual time so it's not exactly the same every day. This is particularly good for when you are on vacation and want it to look like people are home.

    Looks like there are a bunch of 3rd party asp which can now also control the lights based on music that is playing. Seems interesting but I haven't tried it yet.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Believe It or Not, They're Worth It!

    • Written by from Portland

    So to be honest, the first time I saw these in the Apple Store I said out lout do my girlfriend "who would pay $200 for three light bulbs?". The answer? Me. After mulling over the idea and reading reviews for almost two months I finally broke down and bought the starter pack. Trust me, these things are awesome! They work nearly flawlessly, and the fact that the WiFi daisy-chains off each individual bulb is ingenious for placing bulbs in areas that would normally be out of range. The official Philips app could use a little polishing, and the geo-fence feature that turns our lights on and off when you get home could use a little a little as well. Living in the city my lights don't turn on or off if I stay within the city. I have to drive outside of the city to see any effect. Other than that, I highly recommend these!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Hue is the future

    • Written by from Santa Cruz

    This is like So Cool and truly what future light should look like and I like you can use different color with in IOS product. I just hope in future the price can drop and be more affordable. But overall it is really worth the money and bring your home into the future

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Very Pleased!

    • Written by from Loma Linda

    Setup was so simple. The versatile nature of the lights will enhance any setting from family dinner time, to watching a great movie, to reading, to relaxing. I purchased the starter kit, one additional HUE bulb and the Friends of Hue Bloom lamp. Then I took it a step further and picked up some Belkin WeMo switches and pulled everything together with IF This Then That (IFTTT) and the results are nothing short of spectacular! Want to trigger a HUE sunset at sunset? No problem there's a IFTTT recipe for that. Want a repeating schedule for any light no matter if it's HUE or connected to a WeMo? No problem there's a IFTTT recipe for that. Want to geofence your lighting behaviors? WeMo's got you covered. I now control the lighting in every room of the house from my IOS device, and while I have HUE presently in our living area, I will certainly be expanding this in the very near future. Do not limit yourself by not taking advantage of the IFTTT abilities. Be warned it's all very addicting.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Will change the mood of any space, it's great!

    • Written by from Woodinville

    The product is great, easy to install and works flawlessly. Love the product, will be buying many additional bulbs to do more rooms!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Junk ripoff

    • Written by from La Canada

    Bought a starter kit from an Apple Store. At first it worked great but now it can not properly run the last bulb in my bedroom. Stupid me. It tells me the bulbs are not reachable yet it will change color but will not turn the bulb completely off. The program was recently updated yet even using the "all off"" button no longer works. Rebooted my iPad and restarted the App and still would not work properly. Base unit I less than 24' away. Giant rip off. Kit is a terrible joke on me for trying to support what appeared to be a great effort. Don't waste your money.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Portland

    I bought a Hue starter pack at my local Apple Store thinking it would be geeky fun. I'm not going to lie: I like gadgets. Well, the toy aspect wore off after a day or so, but these lights have brought so much functionality to my home that I'm hooked.


    When I bought these things, it hadn't occurred to me that by adding a tiny bit of orange or red to my lights could make the room look more cozy and inviting. I'm not talking about red light. I'm just talking about the difference between a typical white light bulb and light that is mostly white with just a hint of orange or red. It just feels nicer.


    The best thing about these lights, for me, has been the settings I created. Bright light for reading, ambiance lighting for when I have company. Mood light, night light... I even created a setting that only lights one bulb with a dim glow for when I'm watching movies and want the room dark but not pitch black. Set up your lights the way you want them. Save it as a preset. Done. Awesome!

    If you're like me, your iPhone sits by your bedside at night. It's so nice to be able to turn on the lights from bed if I want to get up for a glass of water at night. But, even better than that, it's great to be able to turn on lights with a night setting that is actually quite dim. Instead of going from darkness to bright light (ow!) you go from darkness to very low light that's just right for the middle of the night.


    If you're geeky like me, this means you can tinker with your lights in really neat ways. For example, I whipped up some Applescripts to turn my lights on and off with various settings, which means I have keyboard access to my lights. And thanks to BetterTouchTool, I programmed them into my Apple Remote.

    Even if you're not geeky the open API means other developers can make apps to add functionality to your lights. There's a free app called QuickHue for the Mac that puts your lights with your favorite settings in your menu bar. Very cool.

    I love these lights. They're not for everyone, but they've brought a huge improvement to my home.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Knocked out of the park!

    • Written by from Frankford

    Have worked with museum grade lighting for years and Hue makes it all accessible to anyone with the greatest of ease!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Philips Hue Hub connected to my Airport Express Extended Network router

    • Written by from Alachua

    My setup is a little different. Since I had no ethernet spots left on my airport extreme, I decided to plug it into my bedroom airport express (set to extended network). This setup seems to work fine.
    It was a little tricky to download new software. You have to close the app, restart the Hub and reopen the app. Then it does the software update.
    The APP takes a little time to master. But I think it works fine. You hit the top right + button to add pic's and recipe's. I also added Hue channel to my IFTTT station. So far so good. I am thinking about some of these Hue light strips that came out today!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Switching to LED,this is the way to go

    • Written by from Nepean

    In my experience no LED light bulbs are cheap.
    But if you have decided to swith,Hue,is the way to go.
    The starter kit gets you going in the right direction, more bulbs can be added as one sees fit, and control is easy either from your IPhone,IPad ,as you approach your home , manually or by a set timer/ alarm function.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Hue is a hit in my home!

    • Written by

    Very easy to set up. Make sure to test which one is the 1,2,3 lightbulb so you don't set them up around your house and realize they are in the wrong order. The app takes a little bit of time to master but once you figure it out it makes perfect sense. I love that you can create or modify existing light recipes to better suit your preferences. Sure your friends and family will look at you funny when you tell them you just bought 3 lightbulbs for $200, until they see them in action. Having the perfect lighting for every moment is amazing and I can't wait to add more.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Great concept but far from viable - your paying to be a beta tester

    • Written by from Superior

    The general response from Phillips is
    Thank you fro your reply and for reporting all the issues you are experiencing.

    Indeed, when using the Hue system with multiple devices, there are issues we are aware of and that we will address in future updates, which we hope will be available shortly.

    We apologize for all the inconviniences.

    Scenes don't properly migrate to be shared between my devices. I have deleted scenes repeatedly on both my iPhone and iPad only to have then reappear. The website shows some scenes associated to one device but not another - even though they were created on the device that is not shown to be selected.

    I have deleted from the website too - but apparently some unwanted Scenes had already been copied back to one device or anther - so poof they still return. I should not have to put all devices in front of me and be on the website at the same time to delete everywhere at the same time and hope for the best.

    Alarm settings don't transfer when a Scene does get transferred - but adding them back doesn't appear to create a new Scene just an odd version on one device. No idea which Alarm then takes precedence as only one shows on each device and the Website. Not good. So much for making changes when away - but then again that's not reliable either.

    Remote operation when NOT in my network is anything but a certainty - it may work it may not. Logging in and out of the website portal for remote operation may or may not help - the login will report success and shoot you back to the app, but then the app fails when trying to adjust a Scene. Mere On or Off may work and often does - but this is not reliable or true remote operation.

    All in all a heck of a lot of money for a system that while fun, falls way way way short on expectations. Phillips Customer Service is worthless. Lots of try this or try that - and yet when I report back that the suggestion did not work it's just a canned response about how we are aware there are issues.

    If you have only one device and want to control only two bulbs maybe this will work for you - but if you have any desire to try and control multiple lights with multiple devices think again.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Disastrously buggy software

    • Written by from San Francisco

    I actually really like this product. It's fun and useful. The hardware is great. The software is another story. It's so astoundingly buggy it's amazing it's actually a shipping product. Scenes edited on one device disappear on another device. Edits made on one device will update the bridge, but then won't synchronize to the other device. A scene started by an alarm will leave a bulb dark, whereas manually selecting the scene will turn it on. I just hit the "All Off" button on my iPhone, which not only turned off all the lights but also deleted the current scene off all my devices. Trying to restore it deleted all the OTHER scenes.

    So, even though this review has sort of a "Aside from the shooting, how was the play, Mrs. Lincoln?" feel to it, hue really is a nice product (aside from the childishly inept software). Fortunately, it's easier to fix software problems in the field than hardware problems.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Hardware, Portal and Bridge Software are a Mess

    • Written by from La Grange

    Flawless local and remote control of these lights through my z-wave home automation system (Veralite controlled through Homewave App on iPhone). The lights themselves are flexible and produce high quality output.
    The Philips portal and bridge link software produces constant connection errors and doesn't work consistently for anything beyond playing around changing light colors. Philips color control through mousing over photos is bizarre.
    Don't buy these lights believing that Philips portal software will provide useful and reliable automation functions.

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