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    Sleek, limited audio access, weak points in case

    • Written by from Fayetteville

    I wanted my white iPhone 5 to look case-less, and this one does the job: maintains the phone's slim profile, and the white/gray mix blends with the phone. The rubber lining gives the front of the phone a buffer, so if it's face down, the screen itself still won't be touching the surface below.

    Unfortunately the audio port hole isn't wide enough for almost anything other than the really slim Apple cord (default headphones,etc.). If you use third party headphones or other 1/8" cords to connect to stereos, etc., you will want to try your cord or simply move on to another case. I found a small extension cord as a work around.

    Because of the audio hole, I have had several reasons to remove the phone from the case, which is rather difficult. After a couple of removals, I ended up breaking the case where the shell is really thin near the volume. The gray rubber lining that fills the gaps in the hard shell can take a beating and start to split if you remove the phone often.

    If you don't rely on your phone for audio much (or only use smaller cords/USB) and don't need take it out of the case, this case will do what you need it to do.

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