• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great case - one minor gripe

    • Written by from Newmarket

    I was looking for something similar to a bumper case that I had on my iPhone 4, and this is a very good alternative.

    + It looks really, really nice. The clear background still lets you see everything on the front and back of the phone.
    + Unlike the bumper, the back is completely protected.
    + Barely adds any size to the phone.
    + Makes the phone easier to grip.
    + Fair price.

    Now, there is ONE negative that prevents me from giving this a 5/5.

    - It kind of makes the volume buttons on the side as well as the button on the top difficult to press. Maybe it just needs to be worked in more, but the rubber on the sides is very stiff and it's hard to turn the volume up several notches at once. The protective plastic at the top sort of blocks the top button because it requires you to press it at a weird angle.

    Honestly, I'll get used to it in like a week. But I just thought it was worth pointing out.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Nice Slim Case with one flaw...

    • Written by from Fairfax

    My go-to cases for my iPhone are usually the Speck Candyshell. I was really excited to try this case, because I wanted something that was slim and see-through so I could still see the nice design of the iPhone 5. This was the perfect choice, or so I thought. After using it for a few hours, I noticed that when trying to adjust the volume, the buttons are incredibly difficult to press with one finger. I found myself having to use a lot of force to just go up or down. It was irritating enough that I will be returning the case and looking for another option.

    Overall, if you have strong fingers and want a slim, see-through case, this case is for you.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent case with unobtrusive protection, but shows age.

    • Written by from Birmingham

    I have had this case for about 2 months and have really enjoyed it. I would buy it again in a heartbeat.
    Slim and unobtrusive! Fits in my pocket and hands easily. Doesn't get in the way of using the phone or catch on clothing. Soft-touch plastic feels nice on the sides.
    Mute, on/off, headphones, lightning port, speakers all easy to get to.
    Shows some skin. This case doesn't murder the beautiful design of the phone. I love how I can still see the design through the clear plastic back.
    Color on the sides gives it some style without being obnoxious.
    Keeps camera lens uncovered so pictures remain clear. The sapphire crystal on the lens itself is very scratch resistant unprotected, and adding a cover over the lens only makes the pictures fuzzy.

    Don't love:
    Volume buttons are stiff. They are still useable, just require a firm press.
    Shows a lot of wear for only being two months old. The clear plastic has many scratches and the blue sides have faded noticeably.
    Merely adequate protection. I haven't dropped it from any significant height, but I can imagine it wouldn't totally protect the phone. The corners are covered, but it only provides so much protection.
    You are going to pay $30 for a tiny piece of plastic.
    Also, it may just be this specific case, but for some reason the top left corner doesn't fit as snugly as the other corners. For the first week I had it, I kept pushing it down thinking the case wasn't fully seated, but it seems to be caused by a very slight bend in the back. Inspect the actual case before buying.

    Overall, excellent, minimalist case that I have enjoyed. I am someone who really, really hates cases in general, but this one is done right.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Almost perfect!

    • Written by from Rødovre

    I've bought this case (blue sides and clear back) 11 month ago when I bought my iPhone 5.
    It still holds great and looks really good.

    The sides are made of hard plastic (not rubberized), that does not scratch, and feels good in the hands.
    The backside is made of clear hard plastic which is a little more slippery than the sides, it now has few scratches, but you have to look close in focused light to see it, but still looks good after long time and intense use.
    I really love the blue color, it has not fated one bit since I got it.
    The case protects all 4 corners of the phone, and the phone can be put down on both sides; with screen up and screen down, without making damage to the phone.
    The case always stays on the phone, but can be removed rather easily.
    The phone feels more protected, and just a little thicker, I like the size and form-factor.
    I've had no difficulties plugging in bigger headphone-jacks or pressing lock, or switching mute buttons.

    Biggest con: The volume buttons gets harder to push, and they don't get softer by time. I have a lot of finger strength so it is not a problem for me, but I it may bother others. They should have made these buttons softer to push in order to get 5 stars from me.
    The top front and bottom is not protected, and my phone has got just a few scratches, but is not something that is very visible or any bothersome.
    The cut around the camera tends to collect dust and small hairs, which you have to clean every month or so for a clean look.
    Also hairs can reach under the case sometimes (between phone and case). I usually just snap the case off and clean the phone with a soft cloth. It's easy :)

    Overall: Really nice case, I've been really happy with it, and I would recommend it to others.

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