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    "macbook pro's second skin"

    • Written by from Vancouver

    Just got the speck 13 smartShell Case for Macbook pro-retina display...perfectly fits the my macbook pro . The ease on placing each shell case is very convenient . Just a reminder that before placing the smart shell case,make sure to dust and clean your macbook first since after placing the case..it would be really a challenge to remove it. Overall the smart Shell is a perfect option to prevent the macbook from scratches and dirt. It also closes without any gaps.

  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Protection

    • Written by from ellenwood

    I bought my macbook pro in August and purchased this case a week later (a 1500mac should have some protection) it installs very easy, every port and the superdrive is easily assessable it looks good and does protect the macbook pro.I have no marks on the case or the mac,it does add some weight(not much but you'll notice),there are no issues with heat,it will allow fine dust to get in between the case and the mac,just pop it off and hit it with a blast of compressed air,put it back on and you're good. It is pricey for a piece of plastic,but worth the protection.I highly recommend this case

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