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    • Written by from North Battleford

    The bottom connector broke off right away, it still stays on but it bothers me a little bit. Also, the top part of it scratched really easily in my bag and left white scratch marks that I tried really hard to rub off but they're still there. It's okay though overall.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Good shell but be realistic

    • Written by from Orlando

    This is probably the best hard shell you can buy for your macbook but before you buy consider.....
    -snaps on easily,
    -protects the the exterior of your precious new macbook from getting scratches,
    -comes in black
    -makes your laptop more identfiable/unique
    -good tactile feel (not as good as brushed aluminum but still good)
    -comes in black
    -very tight fit
    -comes in black.... which is the color you should always bet on

    - It can be hard to remove and doing so will likely ruin the snaps which hold it tight to your laptop,
    -doesn't protect from dust so you really need to buy a sleeve anyway,
    -the plastic acts as an insulator so your macbook won't release as much heat as it would without a case (not too big a deal except during prolonged use)
    -doesn't offer any shockproofing functionality, but then again macbooks are like infants in that you just don't drop them..... don't.... seriously.

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