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    I would prefer silence...

    • Written by from Port Moody

    I decided to upgrade from a WD My Passport (1 Gig) and opted for this because it has 4 Gig and a firewire port, which is the fastest possible connection to my 2009 Mac.
    The downside of the G is the noise of the fan. It isn't as loud as say, a PC Fan, but it is by far the loudest part of my system.

    If you are an audiophile or have a small home studio for recording, you will likely find yourself turning it off so the fan doesn't engage while you work on projects or even listen to music. It is really disappointing, since it is so highly engineered.

    There is also a bright white light that flashes when the drive is engaging. It turns my room into a disco if all the lights are off.

    I'll keep it because I have faith that it is more reliable than other products because of its robust construction, and hope the little extra noise is worth it.

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