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    Lots of potential; poor implementation

    • Written by from Etobicoke

    First I'll tell you that i'm on my second one of these. The first one got bricked when I updated the firmware as per their tech support.

    This drive looks really nice and its built out of really nice materials. So before you plug it in; you'd think its pretty good so far.... But then once you start using it; you'll notice that it ISN'T full copyable with Time Machine. The drive goes to sleep and takes too long to wake up and by that time; TM has timed out and that particular backup will fail and fail and fail until you unmount the device, turn it off and on and it remounts. TM will work a few times after than and then it'll go back to not working with TM.

    My latest misfortune with this device is that I went to plug it in via USB3 instead of FW and on 2 different Macs it says the drive isn't recognizable and needs to be initialized. Even on the same computer with FW it will work; but not USB.

    Definitely sloppy sloppy implementation on the hardware software side mar an otherwise nice drive

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