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    Great until it stopped working

    • Written by from Morristown

    So the mic worked perfectly for about 10 minutes. Sounded great and felt great. Then I got an insane screeching through my headphones and it stopped working. Apple took my return great and no issues there.

    I will be buying it again and giving it one more shot though.

    To address the 2 reviews saying the volume is so low, they are probably not adjusting the gain correctly. The light in the front changes color. Blue = Headphone volume. Orange = Mic gain vol. They were likely adjusting only the headphone volume. To get to the orange/gain vol, you have to hold the button in for 2-3 seconds and then it will change to orange.

    I would give it a 0 rating, or an Unfinished rating for now until I got the new unit if I could.

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