• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Better Experience Than Others

    • Written by from Chula Vista

    To be fair my wife and I have only been using this monitor for a day now however I felt compelled to write a review after reading all the negative reviews from others.

    First off, if you have slow internet service or poor wifi connectivity throughout your home then any wifi based monitor will have poor performance for you. In that case I would suggest you stay away from wifi-based monitoring systems and stick with old school walkie-talkie style monitors.

    With that being said, the total set up time was less than 5 minutes and the instructions were easy to follow. The HD video was surprisingly clear, both my wife and I were impressed with the clarity and we are both pretty techy individuals. The first thing we tested was the video/sound delay that others have complained about. In our tests we have found there to be a 4-5 second video/sound delay which is completely reasonable for use as a baby monitor. The night vision works as expected and actually provided a decent night image.

    The major gripe as other have mentioned was the need for a paid subscription to watch live streaming video over 3G. In all honesty I don't think $25 for a year subscription is over-priced however I think Philips would have made a few more friends had they removed the need for paid services. To be fair however, I can't really envision a scenario where I will be away from home with the need to watch my baby over remote surveillance.

    During the course of writing this review I was able to see my toddler (who is just starting to learn to sleep by herself) wake up in the middle of the night and sit up in bed. Because the noise from the audio alerted me I was able to get to her room right before she started to cry and wake up everyone else in the house, and that to me.. made this monitor worth every penny.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Best monitor out there, app is buggy

    • Written by from San Leandro

    Love this camera. Got one for my parents to watch their grandkid on their ipad. This is much better than facetime since they don't have to have someone answer their call just to watch the baby. You can even talk from the app to the camera, but it's not full duplex and the implementation is clunky. You have to hit the mic icon, wait for it to be ready, speak, and hit it again before you can listen again. Depending on your network response, you can spend a minute hitting the mic over and over and there is a 3 second lag.

    There is a $24.95 additional charge for the app to open it up, which should really be in the description of the product.

    Overall though, being able to tune into the camera from any location from an app is pretty awesome, though there are some refinements that need to be put in place. if you're easily frustrated this might not be for you.

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