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    Move on to another printer

    • Written by from New York

    Very simply - you have to jump through hoops to figure out how to scan from the printer to a MacBook Pro. Per the Internet, many others have this problem but finding the solution is next to impossible. Why Apple is marketing it for use with their products and why HP markets it for use with Mac is beyond me when this major problem exists. At least put the solution on your websites. Very aggravating.

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    Worst printer ever

    • Written by from Montreal

    Bought it for its modern looking. It won't turn on after 5 months use. Only printed max 20 pages on this machine. They sent a new one to me to replace the broken machine, but 2nd week after I received it, it broke again. Same problem, won't turn on. It's total piece of garbage.don't waste your money on it. Apple store should never recommended this product.

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    Avoid like the plague

    • Written by from Newport Beach

    Simply does not work; gone through three units. Every-time that HP issues a Software or Firmware update it will no longer function. Don't be confused by it's looks; pass at all cost.

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    Fundamental Design Flaws

    • Written by from Fayetteville

    This may be the worst thing HP ever produced! I got exactly 2 scans out of this all-in-1 before it broke down. And HP knows it's flawed, as their error message window popups say (paraphrasing) "if you got a scan error and tried this and tried that, then your scanner is broken". Anything possessing such fundamental design defects that the vendor feels compelled to document how to tell when it's broken should be avoided at all costs. Truly awful!

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    Terrible product

    • Written by from Montreal

    I am computer engineer and I am used to work with computer every day.
    This piece of equipment and software is just terrible.
    Here's a list of the problems I have encountered:
    - I need to fight with the printer sometime for hours to print anything.
    - The display on the printer flickers and dies
    - Is it sometime impossible to shut down the printer properly. I need to pull the plug.
    - It is so slow.

    It will be impossible to sell the printer. It is impossible to do a viable demo with this product. I will have to buy something else.
    Stay away from these cheap HP printers.

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