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    I wish I had invented hipkey myself

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    What a super nice product.

    I like the sales pack. It is very informative and allowed me to see it before opening the package. It has a magnetic closure. The box itself can be used for other storage purposes afterwards.

    The quick-guide is easy to understand and when following the guidelines, it more or less paired itself to my iPhone. I like that because this is often the difficult part. hipkey has been connected ever since. When disconnected after getting out of range it will quickly re-connect when within sight. I tried it after 24 hours, and it still re-connected. This is really good to know when you one day are looking for something.

    My wife tried the movement alarm on our sleeping baby, when she visited some friends last weekend for coffee. She got an alarm on her iPhone seconds after our baby started moving. The movement sensor is quite accurate.

    The App is a bit trivial but easy to use and setup. I have found that long distance works best for my usage. Medium and especially Short distance is often not enough. The safezone feature is really well thought through. Without it at home or in my office I would get frustrated. Imaging going down for a coffee and getting alarms because I didn't bring my house keys with me? Safezone takes care of that, and it actually works without human interaction after setting it up. This is unique. Love it.

    I am lacking more specific product information on the company website. I hope the hippih guys will have that sorted asap.

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    Mine works !

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    I cannot say I have had any problems with my hipKey. I love it !!!

    Bluetooth is known for its limitations on distance, but I find this device actually does quite well. A quick test outdoor showed I could get more than 164 feet away before the alarm occurred. I tested this with both my new iPhone5 and old iPhone4S. Almost same distance.

    Indoor is different. The Long distance setting is in my house reduced to less than half the outdoor distance. This is expected when dealing with Bluetooth. The hipkey has a smart solution to the problem, which is safe-zone. With safe-zone the problems with shorter max distance are removed. I don't get any false alarms, and when I want to find my iPhone, hipkey will quick connect to the 'hidden' phone, once it is within reach. Very convenient.

    As a test I have been 'leaving' my house without my iPhone a few times just to see what happens. When picking up hipkey it gives a few beep's (not the alarm sound) every time. Not sure if this is intended but it works as a reminder to me that hipkey is not connected to iPhone when leaving my house. If this is indeed intended, I find this very innovative and useful.

    The max hipKey sound loudness is not great. I can imagine that I would not hear it in a noisy area. but then I do find the vibrator useful when carried in my jeans.

    The app itself is very easy to use and figure out in the beginning. After 5 minutes I had figured out all the basics. I like the wheel, and the way the App is maneuvered with one hand only. The app is very clean, which is nice.

    hipKey itself is super nice. It looks and feels great. Real quality feel all through. The hanger is a bit cheap but I was going to use my own lanyard anyway. Probably most people will do the same anyway, so not a big issue.

    All in all I am very satisfied and so far use my hipkey every day.

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    Great companion

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    Got Hipkey as a present from my thoughtful husband. Never thought I needed one until I got Hipkey. What a clever invention. I often misplace my keys and now I can find them anywhere in the house from my iPhone. It saves me lots of stressful time on the way out.

    I am not tech-savy, so great to experience that the pairing happened automatically after just opening the app. Never experienced this before. The App is easy to use, change settings and set it up. One of the features I find excellent is the safezone feature. Based on my location, hipkey will automatically mute unwanted alarms, when Hipkey and my iPhone gets too far away from each other. Works like a charm. When I leave my house it exits the safezone a few houses away and it enters the safezone when I park my car on the driveway. Great.

    The only feature I miss is being able to get a location on my hipkey. In case I leave it behind somewhere and my iPhone isn't connected to it, I cannot find it anymore.

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    Impressive range, beautiful design and a real lifesaver

    • Written by from Copenhagen

    The look and feel of this device says it all: High quality and great design. I am impressed with the range and have been saved on a couple of occasions. I have already thought of fun and innovative uses for my hipKey and it follows me everywhere! The set-up was as easy to figure out as an Apple app should be. Enjoy the motion sensor and be prepared for an audible alarm that works.

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    Well spend

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    I'm done forgetting my iPhone at home and leaving it behind in the car.

    This product is a life saver and a great peace of mind. It was easy to pair the Hipkey and I love how quickly in the App you can change the volumes and modes - not to forget - hit the find Hipkey button. Actually my kids and I have been playing "hideNSeek" with this feature - hide the Hipkey and seek it with the iPhone :)

    The Bluetooth 4.0 is outstanding, I have not had a Bluetooth product with such a long range. It says 164 feet, but I have gone far beyond that in line of sight. I guess the write 164 feet range because Bluetooth signals do get interrupted by e.g. walls, your body etc.

    The Safe Zone feature is quiet interesting and well thought through, it's sort of a alarm free zone. It's a great workaround to the limitations of Bluetooth. The devices can move around within the zone without making alarms, but then again the devices make a notification if leaving the zone disconnected. Actually Hipkey makes 2-3 beeps if it's moved and is disconnected at the same time in a Safe Zone.

    This product has exceed my expectations and I will recommend it to people like me, that has a tendency to leave behind their iPhone :)

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    Great Product

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    I have in the past left my iPhone behind having to go back - but never again thanks to the hipKey

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    value for money!

    • Written by from Apeldoorn

    nice looking product, and a nice touch as well.
    app looks great ,and works very well.
    after 3 minutes of working with the Hipkey and app it is a no brainer to use it.
    works very well at even a much longer distance (up to 100 meter and more!
    the safe zone function is brilliant.
    this product stays on my keyring, sitting in the cab i lost my iPhone and going out to get my case from the trunk, i got an alarm from the Hipkey! it saved one iPhone getting lost for me.

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    Excellent product

    • Written by from San Francisco

    I have had the Hipkey on me for a few weeks now. I think it is an excellent product. I often tend forget or run around for either my keys or my iPhone when leaving the house or the office - and on several occasions Hipkey helped me solve this in a very efficient way. Once you have set up the safe zones the HipKey is working pretty smoothly, only on a few occasions have I experienced bluetooth connection outage, mainly due to physical factors. I'm actually pretty impressed by the connection stability, range and coverage of the device so far.

    Also I think that there is a lot more than just find your keys. I have been toying around with the motion mode using the device as a door alarm/notification, when the door opens I'm alerted that someone is coming home. Also I really enjoy the product design, there is a hedonic and exclusive quality to it, and an ease of use that certainly justifies the price level.

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