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    my new friend for life ..

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    My new friend for life .. is probably an overstatement but nevertheless this is how I feel for hipkey today. It is very nicely designed and has a great feel to it. One thing I think is very well considered is the protected buttons inside of the 'circle'. Imagine the false button presses, if the keys had been on the outer surface, whenever it is placed in a pocket?

    The App was easy to download and connect to hipKey and I appreciate the user interface for its ease of use and simplicity. It took me less than 5 minutes to understand how it is setup and operates.

    The Bluetooth distance is not super long indoor but better than what I have seen on wireless headsets previously. It easily reaches from one room to another. Here the safezone feature comes to play. It is super handy. I have made one safezone in my Office and one at Home. Now hipKey automatically detects, when I am at one of these places, and it lets me move freely here without any alarms even if the two devices disconnects!!

    I miss that the App doesn't allow volume alarms when my iPhone is muted. I would also like hipkey to be able to connect to both my iPhone and iPad at the same time.

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    Beautiful Design

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    I never tried a Bluetooth device which was so easy pair - didn't even use the setup guide.

    The App is very intuitive

    Love my new device

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