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    • Written by from Belconnen

    I have had the FitBit for a week and its going back!

    There seems to be endless problems with accuracy, particularly around when driving. Apparently I climb 33 flights of stairs yesterday....I think not. Yesterday it recorded how I had a restless nights sleep but it was sitting on a counter in another room all night!!

    The help team at FitBit have been responsive but other than suggesting rebooting and telling me how I can edit out whenever I drive, they have been unable to assist.

    I have no confidence in the data recorded.

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    • Written by from Sparks

    Bought this 7 days ago. App worked for 6 days. Then it crashes. I removed it and reloaded it and that doesnt help. Contacted fitbit and got autoresonse 24 hours ago. Now taking it back to Apple store. Read up on fitbit app on internet before you buy this

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    Device is wonderful but software design is deeply flawed

    • Written by from Nashville

    I've used the Fitbit One for over a year and have loved it, but there's a software design flaw that isn't readily apparent -- the device needs to phone home to its server in order to sync with a bluetooth-equipped device (iPhone or Mac). Apparently some, but not all data syncs directly via Bluetooth, and some requires a sync with the server. Syncing via Fitbit's server makes sense for multiple devices or sharing with friends, but for basic sync functionality? That seems a pretty severe limitation. Assuming all's in order with Fitbit's servers, the device works wonderfully. But, should the company get hacked or go out of business, your device becomes useless.

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