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    Nice speakers but should be for this price - needs better connectivity

    • Written by from Frisco

    If you are going to use this strictly with your Apple TV then the connectivity couldn't be easier. However, I wanted nice speakers for the bedroom. Didn't want a big setup with a amplifier etc.
    When connecting to a Apple TV this item is great, HDMI from Apple TV to the LCD TV and Optical audio to the Millenia and basically ready to go.
    When I switch to cable or blue ray or xbox I can't get the audio to follow. The optical cable is optical in - my LCD TV does not have optical out. So, I had to go buy another switcher device to ger all my connections to work.
    I wouldn't think my statements would be fair - but do the price of this item - they could have made it better. The sound is great but should for this price. My KEF speakers in the living room are much nicer - but they do say there is a break in period.

    Also note, the optical connection sounds much better so you may want to consider that. The bass is good but not the same as an amplifier system with a 8 inch sub.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Good unit, but not incredibly impressed

    • Written by from REDMOND

    For a $700 unit I was expecting this unit to be a lot better than the B&W MM-1. The bass response is great on this, but when compared to the sound quality of the B&W MM-1 I much prefer the MM-1s.

    Where these speakers shine is when you turn them even louder; the subwoofer really packs some great bass and the quality gets even better with the more detail you can hear. However, for the small 10x15ft room I have these speakers in, I really didn't need such a whopping amount of volume or bass. Compared side by side to the MM-1s I'd go as far to say that these speakers sound muffled in quality.

    I ended up sticking with the B&W MM-1s, I believed they sounded better for my room than the Paradigms, for both my desktop PC and for use with my TV. I was slightly disappointed in these speakers because I had high expectations considering the great reviews that seem to be floating around the web as well as the higher price point.

    If you like listening to your music/movies/tv very loud with a lot of bass, this set could be great for you. The bass on the Millenia CT is the major point had me really wanting to keep these speakers. However, if you like superior quality sound with excellent detail I heavily suggest giving the MM-1s a shot, yes even for your TV.

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