• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    The Remote

    • Written by from Windsor

    The remote is necessary to operate this system.. It should not be the only access and is quite a flaw for a system this caliber. It is a thin wafer. Also you need to practically be on top of the system to get it to respond. Very poor rating.

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    What a joke!

    • Written by from Prospect Avenue

    first i open box and think the tweeters are bigger and a bit clunky. not so much that tall, but just fat, heavy speakers with awkward ports. The front mesh comes off kinda cool, it snaps back on via magnet which is cool but I think either way, they are ugly. Then I open a box within the box and its a boat load of cords. and not standard cord, and they have specific way of going in and the just overall feeling was they were cheap plastic connectors and the cords are obnoxiously long. by the time your done hooking em up through the sound board its a sloppy mess of cords that is a turn off. yeah I can do a variety of things to gather/hide them but its just unnecessary and they cant be moved easily if you wanted to switch from your mac to you TV. Then the best part is the remote. You literally cannot power on these speakers without the remote. there is no power button. unecessary. the remote is honestly the cheapest joker piece of scrap plastic I've honestly ever held since i can remember (born in 1987). and you have to use the remote to change the input too, so the remote is important... and the response time from the remote to the speaker has a lag that just bothers me. They sound like completely normal speakers but when you turn them up super loud they actually do impress you. but that's it. so if you listen to your speakers literally all the way up, or just about, these are for you. for me, they get to the point where no one listens to music that loud on a normal basis. you cant hear people talk when they are at max vol. kind of obnoxious is being nice. they also do not come with poles which I swear they claimed the did. any level of volume thats not blarring is faint, incredibly low treble, and standard bass. no crisp hits, just a really big object that has a stand and doesnt do much. the quality, if any, is in the tweeters at very high levels. I took em back and got a $750 gift certificate to the apple store. ipad mini? nike fuel band? sound bar? I could get 'em all and more, so glad i didnt waste that $750 (w/tax). That's pure robbery.

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    Awful Documentation as standalone and with Apple TV

    • Written by from Naples

    Out of box failure.
    Very poor documentation
    Need to operate with their standalone remote for sound (and very flimsy remote control)

    Would go with a sound bar

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