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    PERFECT case for 13" Macbook pro

    • Written by from Ottawa

    I bought this case a little while ago and it has been one of my best purchases in a while! It is very durable and eliminates the bulk commonly found in other laptop bags.

    A first it seems that nothing more than a manilla folder with a few pages would be able to fit in, but the leather will loosen a bit to allow more. I generally carry a couple [small] novels or a "course pack" (book of photocopied articles for class around 100 pages) in with the laptop. But don't worry about the bag looking too loose or "stretched-out" at this point because the give in the leather is not noticeable. The strap is removable and you could therefore use the bag as a regular case to put into a backpack.

    CONS: the only cons are that the strap is not adjustable (however the length is still perfect, not too long/short), and that the material on the inside is not leather and seems that it will eventually wear or rip.

    Overall I HIGHLY recommend this laptop bag! It is very sleek and stylish, VERY reasonably priced for a leather Michael Kors bag, and is very durable (I've used it everyday for over a month and there is not a single sign of wear).

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    • Written by from Passaic

    I just got this as a birthday present! Thanks mom! and I absolutely love it! I have a 13" MacBook Air and it fits along with charger and magic mouse! This is a must have!

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    I Absolutely LOVE it!!!

    • Written by from Kamloops

    This was absolutely the best buy ever. I absolutely love it. It was worth the $$$. Its so gorgeous, and trendy, and i get so many complements when i use it. It fits my 13" MBP with its charger and my calculator perfectly. It stretches out a little (not in a bad way) which makes extra space for a thin folder to. I just love it. If you have a little extra cash on hand, its a must buy. :)

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    DON'T BUY!!

    • Written by from Mckinney

    Bought this a few months ago because i had just recently bought the 13 inch macbook pro. I love Michael Kors so this was a no-brainer for me to buy. Got it in the mail super fast, as usual with apple products. I took the case out of the bag, and it looks nothing like a Michael Kors product. Cheap, FAKE leather, terrible zipper and ugly plastic-gold lining on the inside. NOTHING like i have ever seen in a Michael Kors product. Two days later the shoulder strap broke, rendering it useless. I went out of town the next day and was never able to return it, due to apple's return policy. Don't buy this product.

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