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    • Written by from los angeles

    this is a beautiful and well designed product. it's everything i was looking for. However, BE CAREFUL when you first open it. The support arm is only designed to move one way. There is a little slip of paper inside that cautions you about this, but i, of course, thought, "I know how this works," and tried to move the arm the wrong way without realizing it. there was a bit of a pop, and it swung free.

    The stand still works ok, thanks to the grip of the rubberized feet, but the support arm is not as secure as it probably should be, had i not broken it right out of the box.

    I contacted support on cooler master's website, and marvin was very nice, but ultimately unhelpful. there is no user repair, and they apparently won't let me send it back to them for repair.

    i'd give it one star for flawed design, but if it still worked, it's functionality would be great, and it is a very solid product otherwise, so i'll kick over an extra star.

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