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    Wonderful and stylish travel tote!!!!

    • Written by from Tegucigalpa

    Got it as a gift from my husband!!! Easy travel, my 15' mac air , iPad, makeup, wallet, sunglasses, etc etc...fits wonderfully, Every girl wants it!!!

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    Lovin This Bag !

    • Written by from Thornhill

    This bag is a laptop bag and a purse all in one, and works well for all occasions
    has a hard bottom so I am not afraid of the weight of my laptop ripping through it
    So sleek looking too, can't wait to start using it for presentations, meetings and going out
    bought the matching wallet too ;)

  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Awesome bag

    • Written by

    I love this bag! I use it to carry my school work and other things I need during the day as a college student. The compartments for a phone and chargers are really helpful. I also love the zippered compartment for the laptop. The only thing I don't like is that the straps aren't comfortable if I put a lot of stuff in the bag. Otherwise, this bag is great.

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    Designer Bags

    • Written by from Rawalpindi

    Execellent really enjoyed the designs

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    What I've Been Looking For!

    • Written by from Greenwood

    I have been looking for MONTHS for a bag that was stylish AND could hold my 13-inch Macbook Pro. This is it! It is structured, professional, and still fun. My Mac fits in the center pocket (which has just a little padding on both sides) and the bag will still stand upright. The color is not what I expected. It's advertised as pink, but it's more purple to me and darker than I expected. I like it very much, though, and it's less "in your face" than a bright pink bag. I'm glad that I recently looked at a different MK saffiano leather bag in a store, or I would have been surprised by the leather. It's very stiff and slightly textured. The first time I felt it in the store I didn't know it was leather, so I'm glad I knew what I was getting. My only concern is the skinny straps. They could potentially get uncomfortable if you are carrying a heavy bag for a long time.

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    The Perfect Bag

    • Written by from Atlanta

    Love my bag that my sweet husband gave me. It holds everything, iPad, iPhone and Mac Air, plus all of the other essentials that I would normally carry in a purse. I can pack my bag and go anywhere with all my needs. Also, I get lots of compliments on the bag.

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    Perfect Tote!!

    • Written by from EL DORADO HILLS

    Love this tote!!! It is exactly what I have been looking for a long time. It holds my Mac, iPad and iPhone, plus everything else I always want to take with me. It has a separate compartment for my iPad and iPhone and a zippered pouch in the middle for the Macbook. It is also very comfortable to hold and travel with! The color is too cute too! Love!

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    Perfect Bag for Work or Play

    • Written by from REDWOOD CITY

    I have been looking for a stylish versatile bag that I can take to work and can hold my laptop as well as use on the go even when I'm not working. Finally a bag that doesn't look like luggage but looks like something you would love to carry day-to-day. I have had many compliments on this tote and the color and size are perfect!

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