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    Speck 15" SmartShell Satin Case for MacBook Pro with Retina display

    • Written by from Stratford

    I purchased my first MacBook Pro in June of 2014, being the OCD person I am i immediately wanted to protect my new investment. So, I purchased the Speck 15" SmartShell case. I must say at five months in the case has performed it's job 10 times over. I read some of the other reviews and have not experienced any of the issues/flaws that other buyers have. Maybe Speck has upgraded the material used to construct the shell. It has saved my MacBook Pro on several occasions including a good scratching from the cat. Yes, i will say the shell did not hold up against the cat's rear claws, the top is scratched, but I will say that those same scratches are NOT on my MacBook.

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    Case works great, not sure what all the negative fuss is about?

    • Written by from Vacaville

    I have had no problems with this case. No broken tabs. No mold as others have claimed. Machine looks brand new underneath.

    I made sure I wiped my machine down well and allow to dry completely before attaching case. After 6+ months of use, I removed the case and my MBP looks brand new still underneath the case.

    Im protecting an approx. $3,000 machine so I am careful with my MBP when transporting etc. No problems, completely satisfied.

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    Great Case and WHY

    • Written by from Bloomfield Hills

    After Comparing this case to all the other leading competitors I came to the conclusion that this case is the best case for the rMBP. The reason why is because it fits perfect, sleek, and thin. Some of the other cases are little thicker the protection is still the same for dents and scratches. If you want complete protection I would recommend adding a leather sleeve to put you rMBP in with the the SmartShell case on from high drops or for throwing it around in your backpack or brief case. I use this setup for school without having to worry.
    NOTE: I was worried about the black case not showing the Apple led light on the back of the monitor screen but it shows through perfectly.

    Price: Price is on the high side but compared to leading brands it's at the same price.

    Value: Your spending 2,000 plus dollars on your laptop so why not get a good case that is perfectly compatible with the rMBP.

    Quality: The materials used are great and durable. With the warranty if anything were to happen with the case, Speck will get you a new one! One problem I have with the case was the plastic cover that covered the back of the LED screen. When I opened or closed the lid from the center it would make a crack noise because it was not tight in that area. I exchanged it for a new one and I don't have this problem anymore.

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