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    Perfect Case

    • Written by from Shiptonthorpe

    Read reviews of people saying this is useless. IGNORE. I have the previous version for my 15" MBP Retina and even though its thinner than the standard MBP, it fits perfectly. I'v spilt drinks on the case so many times and carried it in the rain and so far it has been perfect and completely useful. Its been on daily trips through the country on trains and has been abroad with no damage having been sustained. Out of 10, 10. Its perfect, Thule have done such a good job. BUY IT, and don't listen to those who moan about products.

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    Review for "Thule 15" Gauntlet 2.0 Sleeve for MacBook Pro RD"

    • Written by from Wellsville

    I own a MacBook Pro with Retina Display and instead of buying a new computer bag I wanted to buy a product to use with the backpack and messenger bag I already have. I bought this product about six months ago and I am very happy with it. Granted I also have the hard-plastic casing attached to my MacBook which seems to make up the difference in space that others, who own MacBook Pros with RD, have mentioned, for I have found it is a snug fit for my computer. The rubber outer covering is harder and sturdier than any other sleeves that I have found as well as being waterproof with a seal around the zipper (I haven’t had the nerve to truly test this yet) making me feel comfortable taking it everywhere. Furthermore, my MacBook sustained a drop during a fire drill, of all things; with only one of the fans needing to be set back in place. There was no other damage sustained with it in this case. Of course this case isn’t designed to be thrown around or tossed, as I’m sure no one would do that with their computer anyway, however I say that because we have to put “Caution Hot” on our coffee cups. Altogether I would recommend this case to anyone. Just keep in mind that plastic outer casing might serve to help give your MacBook Pro RD a tighter fit.

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    Great protective design for a sleeve

    • Written by from Fremont

    This case doesn't provide a cushy padding, as compared to a neoprene or quilted fabric sleeve, but the hardness of the shell will keep a jagged rock or other uneven, hard object from denting the MPB if you dropped it accidentally. When you zip the sleeve, right behind the zipper, there is a ridge of piping that goes all the way around the sleeve to provide side and corner bump protection. The loose fit allows airflow when you're using the computer without taking it out of the case, and the extra 1/2" of movement as you're carrying it around doesn't add any risk of scratches or dents. The upper and lower molded indentations lifts the laptop off the table when you're working in-the-case, and provides room for airflow and heat dispersion underneath the case. When you use the laptop out-of-case, the elastic strap is just strong enough so that when you slip your laptop in (I don't bother to un-Velcro and re-Velcro the strap when I take the MBP totally out of the case -- I just stretch the elastic already fastened, and slip the laptop through), the strap keeps the laptop within one side of the clamshell, and it is surprisingly secure. I heard this feature was added when people complained that their MBPs would slide out as they were trying to close the zipper. Now that's no longer a problem. The zipper is hard to close, but that seems to be a part of the water-proofing design to give good, tight fit along the zipper. You get used to using the opposing forces of the two zipper heads to unzip and zip the thing. I don't understand how some other reviewers can say that having this is like having nothing. This is no Otterbox, but it's not nothing, and I would argue it is much much more protective than a regular neoprene or padded fabric sleeve.

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    Outstanding Rugged Protection for Retina MBP

    • Written by from Harbeson

    I am a carpenter and take my 15" Retina MBP with me to work every day for internet and CAD abilities. In the office I take it out of the case, but in the shop or on the job site I can use my MBP right in the case and know that it won't get scratched.

    The case is a tad roomy for the Retina MBP, but if you use the internal velcro strap it holds it in snug and although I've never dropped my computer, it has been bumped, jostled, and all the normal transportation stuff, but shows ABSOLUTELY no sign of wear because this case is outstanding!

    I do agree with some of the other reviewers that you can't really use it in the case with things plugged into the ports, but I've never needed to do that, so it's not a problem for me.

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    Thule 15" Gauntlet 2.0 Sleeve for MacBook Pro Retina

    • Written by from Troy

    I own a 15" MBP Retina and wanted some additional protection for it. The Thule case works well. I trust the name as they have been around for a while and produce superior products and this is no exception. Works as describes.

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    Swedish Thule Fan

    • Written by from Santa Monica

    One thrilling albeit pulse pounding moment, occurred while being stopped by a N. Y. State Police patrol car back in 1985. The officer just needed to know more about my roof mounted bicycle rack. It was a Thule "salesman's sample" that got me pulled over. Sleek, well made, and brand new on top of my Saab. No ticket was written, how cool was that?!? We waxed on regarding the construction and quality built design.

    So, I am wholly impressed by this sturdy sleeve! It's the perfect transport cover.

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