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    Soundlink II vs. Big Jambox

    • Written by from Carbondale

    I bought the Bose Soundlink II and the Jawbone Big Jambox to compare which one I liked better. In my opinion, the Soundlink has a deeper, warmer, and richer sound while the Big Jambox has clearer and sharper sound. When it comes to music, I thought the Soundlink simply blew the Big Jambox away. Wasn't even close.

    I have a small TV in my bedroom with terrible speakers and I was curious how it would sound if I connected the Soundlink and the Big Jambox to it. In this test, I found that because the Big Jambox provides a clearer and sharper sound, it made for a better TV sound system than the Soundlink. At all volumes, dialogue and background sound was very clear with the Big Jambox. At lower volumes, dialogue sounded muffled with the Soundlink, but at higher volumes dialogue was very clear, although background sound at that volume level can become too loud.

    In a related note for those wanting to use either system as a TV sound system as well as a music player, the Soundlink has buttons that allow you to switch back and forth from the stereo cable to your TV and the bluetooth to your music. Unfortunately the Big Jambox does not have this which meant I had to plug and unplug the stereo cable in whenever I wanted to switch back and forth from watching TV to listening to music. So that's definitely a plus for the Soundlink. Another plus for the Soundlink is that it's slimmer design allows for it to be more portable than the blocky Big Jambox.

    The Big Jambox has two advantages over the Soundlink that I should note as well. One, the speaker phone system is a nice value added benefit and worked really well. And two, the Big Jambox has way better battery life.

    Based on all those consideration, I ultimately chose the Soundlink although I had an incredibly tough time deciding. I chose the Soundlink because the main reason I wanted a mobile speaker was for listening to music in different areas of my house and the Soundlink beats the Big Jambox in both music sound and portability. That said, I would have been very happy with the Big Jambox had I decided to keep it instead. I really wish that Bose had a speaker phone system and TV sound like the Big Jambox, but I guess you can't have it all. If I were you I'd just try to figure out in what ways you'll use your mobile speaker and base your decision which speakers best meets those needs.

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    Versatile High Quality

    • Written by from Meriden

    I don't understand people who complain sound is flat. Do they know iTunes has a built in equalizer to adjust the range from treble to bass with several presets? If it is left flat, which is the default setting, the output is Flat. You can adjust several individual levels to get what you find appealing. Also, the type and size of the room, as well as any objects that can obstruct the audio come into play. If you ever entered a High End Stereo Sound room, you get the full unobstructed experience. I tested mine from an actual Bose Store.near where I reside. I purchased one, and returned to purchase another. You can add up to five of these Airplay speakers in your house. Each one is named different and the volume can be separately adjusted in iTunes. I am not sure about how versatile the playlists are with control of what music is playing. I think the feature is to have sound playing throughout a large home. They can be turned up quite loud and show no distortion. I use my iPod in my car now and my MacPro via iTunes and two Bose for one 120 X 120 foot room. They don't loose clarity and certain CD's I have re-uploaded to Apple Lossless and can hear the difference between lossless and .mp3. I hear parts of music detail that I never heard before. Enough of a difference that brought new life to old songs I heard a thousand times before. They are expensive but you are buying a well known brand that has been around for a long time. I took a star off for the price. Expect High End brands to come down in price, like any electronics. Speakers must be tested in person before buying, just like test driving a car and a few different models. Airplay is relatively new and some manufacturers get it and some, who I won't name because Apple sells them were a nightmare that ended in shredded money.

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    Great Sound

    • Written by from Boise

    Sounds great and works with everything but my NEW 7th Gen NANO (fix this). Would be nice to have longer battery life.

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    Hearing it changed my mind

    • Written by from Gilbert

    I went to a retail store today prepared to buy a competitor at one third the price. But they had the products set up side-by-side for comparison. The Bose was so much better sounding, that I had no choice but to buy the Bose!
    I just wish it had a USB port to allow charging my i5.

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