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    Reasonable sound - Appalling wireless connectivity.

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    The Z2 speakers from my use has reasonable sound. The mistimes are full and the treble is balance, with subtle bass. Sound does get very muddy at higher volumes, particularly in the treble end, to the extent that I would describe it disappointing compared to B&Ws flagship Zeppelin Speaker.

    Regardless, the wifi connectivity is appalling. Even with the Airport Express in the same room, airplay regularly dropped out, and would fail to connect until rebooting the speaker. Connecting directly to the inbuilt wifi, the same issue occurred. I have seen in several B&W speakers (including the A5) and in every case, the wireless cuts out anything as soon as 5 minutes into a song. Having also tried a host of other Airplay speakers, including the Bose Soundlink, and AirPlay from an airport express, I know this is not an issue with the airplay technology itself, but with the wifi built into the speakers.

    My advice? Plug in, connect via Ethernet, or don't buy it.