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    Eats Ink

    • Written by from Evanston

    Printer functionality is fine, and the printer works well with my home network and with MacBook and other computers, but there is no way that I'm getting anywhere near the predicted page count from ink cartridges . . . more like 1/2 (and that includes the XL cartridges). Seems like a very cynical ploy by H-P; shame on them.

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    Impossible to print photos larger than 5x7 from an iPhone

    • Written by from Santa Monica

    It is impossible to print a photo larger than 5x7 from your iPhone or iPad. I called the printer tech support specialist at HP and she told me you can't select a paper tray when printing from a mobile device and I should contact Apple. I checked the App Store and found HP has a free print utility app that allows you to select which paper tray you wish to use. The problem is that even if you select "Main Tray" and "8 1/2x11" - the largest image size you can choose is 5x7. There's a "Custom" size option, but it makes even high resolution photos print at 4x6.

    In the Q&A section, someone says the photo paper tray is adjustable to 8x10 - it isn't. It only goes to 5x7.

    Bottom line - 5x7 is the max. size photo you can print from a phone. Any larger and you have to use a computer.

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    Works with Mountain Lion, but front touch panel has limited functionality

    • Written by from CHICAGO

    This printer works fine with Apple's built in drivers (for printing and scanning). Quality, speed, etc all seem good.

    Be aware, though -- the nifty touch screen on the printer itself has only limited functionality when used with a Mac. You can use it to set up various printer settings, but several of the one-touch buttons (in particular, "scan") does not work. (i.e. if you place a document on the scanner and hit "scan", the printer returns the error, "no computer found."). HP confirms this is a limitation of the printer when using with Macs. Initiating a scan from Image Capture or other scanning application on the Mac works fine.

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