• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great product and sound, but there are Bluetooth problems.

    • Written by from Middle Island

    I purchased this speakers last spring.
    Have to say that quality of sound is amazing and it can get loud. One of the main advantages is ability to connect with bluetooth, but if bluetooth does not work as expected- it brings a great disappointment.
    I have an iPhone 5 and when I play music via bluetooth on some point music is not transmitted anymore and speakers produce only silence, while iPhone is actually transmitting data through BT and song is being played (but no sound from speakers). From my experience it works just fine with other devices (like my MacBook Air or android phones etc), so I think the problem it actually in iPhone, even more specifically- in its software. I installed iOS7, but problem stayed there. Also I read online that this problem occurs with a quite lot of bluetooth audio devices used with latest iPhones (starting from 5) and softwares (starting from iOS6). One suggestion was to put your wi-fi off, because BT and WI-FI work in one frequency range so they might interfere and cause this confusion (even if it works for you- its bad solution if you like to use both or listen music from internet).
    I still have my iPhone 4 with old iOS and as soon as I get charger for it- I will test if it works without interruptions.
    Overall these speakers are really great designed, very reliable (it can tolerate bear all over them while working, hits, traveling, sand inside, humid and dry climate and so on). Sound is also very good and clear, base is strong and in general it is a good buy. I just hope that Apple fixes bluetooth problem... For these money I expected everything to work perfect, but again- it is not fault of House of Marley.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Fantastic ... Blue tooth Quirk a Bluetooth-mobil thing not Marley Me think

    • Written by from girdwood

    Fantastic design, sound, function. I have experienced the bluetooth connectivity issue, it happens when you have too much going on, too many signals like surfing the web, texting and playing from your phone, you just turn off the unit and turn it back on, press play, turn up the volume... fixed. I have the I phone 5 and honestly I think it is the phone, not the sound system since it never ever even once dropped off from my computers connection.
    I love the USB charger thats built in; when I have friends text bombing me and calling I just use my older ipod via the regular plug in option. I have this with the optional chargeable battery and I highly recommend it. Makes for nice portability, I actually use it in my van instead of replacing its head unit, sounds better than that ride ever did anyway. Also I have a few rare times had a weird issue where the unit wont turn on, I just unplug the battery for 5 seconds and plug it back in and it works perfect. All in all Ive had this unity since it became available and I love it! Just ordered the non portable unit for an office. Let the music rock you!! Fantastic sound... would be great for a street performer!

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent Sound, Only Minor Improvements Are Needed

    • Written by from Clayton

    The Bag of Riddim is an excellent portable speaker with great sound & its easy to use. I experienced a few connectivity drops early on but now it consistently connects to my iPod Touch & rarely drops the signal. I used the speaker for an all day outdoor barbecue and it did not drop the signal once. I even received a few compliments by others who noticed that the music was non-stop as I utilized a Rdio playlist that has over 100 songs.

    There are a few drawbacks that prevent me from giving Riddim 5 stars.
    - It does not come with a rechargeable battery although one is available from the House of Marley's web site. Standard D size batteries & the power cord have served me well.
    - A remote control that allows volume adjustment would be helpful.
    - The buttons on the Riddim are sometimes hard to press. I often find myself pressing hard to get the desired response.

    Overall, I'm very happy with this purchase. The volume is loud enough for use at parties and visually, it blends into the atmosphere without looking like an expensive tech gadget. The sound is high quality. The bass is clean with no distortion. I highly recommend the Riddim.

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