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    • Written by from Lincoln

    I've gone through 8 pairs or beats tours in nearly a year ! the faults were buzzy distorted audio from either earpiece or remote + mic failure , I'm very impressed with these earphones , they have tighter deeper bass than the tours , much more detailed highs and vocal clarity ,defiantly worth the money , the tours sounded awful on my iPhone 5 before , quiet and lacking bass but these are very loud clear and have superb bass

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    • Written by from Gainesville

    The sound is so amazingly better than the Apple in ear headphones cost $79..I love the base that these give out... So worth the money. The colors are so cool n look really good with my iPad mini..

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    Greatest Beats I've Used in Long Time!

    • Written by from Foothill Ranch

    These earphones are a big improvement from ibeats, the base in these earphones really blew my mind. If you love music you would get these earphones, if you love listening to rap or hip-pop then you would REALY would want to get these great pairs of earphones.

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    • Written by from Vaudreuil

    I went to the apple store recently to pickup the urBeats by Dr Dre. I asked a bit about them to the salesperson and he told me that for the price you can get much better earphones. My heart was set on them for a while so I bought them anyways. I got them the same day as i was going up north so I used them 2 hours there and 2 hours back. They are amazingly comfortable!!!!!!!! In the package you get different size earbuds and the mini "christmas tree" ear buds (as i like to call them) fit best and are the most comfortable. I have owned 4 different earphones and these are by far the best I've ever had!!! I really like them and I recommend these to anybody.


    Comfortable, amazing quality, nice design, clear sound, crisp notes (as it says on the box), nice bass, never tangle


    (the only bad thing is the bag/case) the bag (little case that they come with) looks nice but it doesn't look like it would protect the earphones very much, hard to open and then close without the cord going in between the magnets

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    Amazing headphones!

    • Written by from aurora

    These headphones give an amazing sound. Deep bass and just great quality. The design is beautiful and they are extremely durable. Many criticize these headphones. But with the right device and a equalizer to adjust your sound. You will get the best sound ever. I recommend them to everyone nd they are worth every penny.

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    I'm Impressed!

    • Written by from san francisco

    So I finally decided to get some UrBeats. I was very skeptical at first because of all the reviews they had gotten. I wanted to try them myself and wow I'm amazed.
    I upgraded from Apple Earpods, which are great, but I wanted some more power and bass. I was limited on cash and I wanted good looking, something durable, and more importantly, good sound. That's what I got from these! Sure they are $100, but you get what you pay for. Could be a bit cheaper IMO. I previously was a Skullcandy guy and they constantly broke. Went to the earpods, but then I lost noise isolation and a bit of bass. These were definitely good candidates for an upgrade. I definitely recommend these. I have tried several headphones and earphones. I considers myself a moderate audiophile. I got these to see what all of the Beats fuss was about. I guess now I know, and I'm impressed.

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    • Written by from Modesto

    i bought the tours and was expecting mind blowing bass ..my skullcandys hit harder...ur beats are way better

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    Ideal Tour replacement at $100 less!

    • Written by from Ancaster

    I've owned 5 pairs of Beats Tour's in about a year and a half...the constant replacements were due to a faulty control talk and fraying wires. I kept going with them as I was truly in love with the way they sounded.

    I decided to try something different, so I purchased the UrBeats as a sample. The sound quality is phenomenal for earbuds this size. I would expect nothing less from the Beats line of headphones. Highly impressed.

    I would certainly recommend this product to anyone seeking a set of excellent earbuds.

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    • Written by from Orem

    These are definately worth the money. My previous earbuds were the new Apple In-Ear Earbuds, which I thought were great. However, when I got these, I realized that even Apple's new pair of earphones werent that great. On Apple's, the sound leaks a lot, and everyone can hear what you're listening to. On UrBeats, the sound barely leaks, and you only need the sound a little less than halfway instead of blasting it like on Apples. Definately a great purchase, definately worth it!

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    I LOVE IT!!

    • Written by from Fuckshi


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    great pair of headphones

    • Written by from El Monte

    I live these earphones these sound fantastic I think I will be using these instead of my earpods a lot of reviews I've seen claim they break quickly
    And they probably never even bought the earphones if I take care of these earphones they would probably last me at least 2 years!!!

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