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    Bose sound link air connectivity issues

    • Written by from Council Bluffs

    I, like many others, experienced connectivity issues with my Bose Soundlink Air speakers. After a lot of research on the subject I finally solved the problem by purchasing two additional routers for our large two and a half story house. My base router is the Airport Time Capsule with the Airport Extreme and the Airport Express as extenders. They were easy enough to install and now my house seems to be completely covered by Wi- Fi with no weak spots. The Bose speakers sound great with no more cutting out! So in my opinion it is a matter of signal strength and experimenting with the placement of the routers. Hope this helps others.I do not recommend "Wi- Fi extenders", rather, I suggest using Apple routers as I am strictly Mac.

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    So cool I bought another one.

    • Written by from Wenatchee

    My experience has been that the unit has a couple of quirks that require some actions on the user's part... but all computers do. Anyway, I was concerned there was no off switch at first, but got used to this. The unit will shut itself down after a short time if you stop sending it a stream from iTunes (easily done using Airplay controls). If you pause iTunes for awhile it will disconnect itself and go to sleep, but still show on Airplay that it is "half connected", where the name of the speaker is greyed out, but the checkmark is still checked. Simply uncheck and check it again to reconnect. The first time and whenever you reconfigure your wifi network, you do have to attach the speaker to a computer using the supplied cable and run their software to reinitialize it on the network, so a computer is necessary. I recommend getting the battery too, but that adds even more to the price and like any premier product you have to decide if it is worth it to you for the money (is to me). The bottom line is that you really need to focus on running this speaker from Airplay. The ideal setup is to host your iTunes library on your computer and use an iPad or iPhone as a remote to send the sound from your computer to the Bose. I loved mine so much I got another one… and batteries for both.

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    Connects fine and sounds great.

    • Written by from View Royal

    Had this guy for almost 12 months now and very satisfied. Setup was easy and I think it's only lost connection twice in all the time I've had it. I stream from my iMac as all as my iPhone 5 - no problems.

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    Superior Sound

    • Written by from LOUISVILLE

    I have been using Bose SoundLink Speakers for two years now and absolutely love them. Due to network interference, I bought and tried the Sonos system. While Sonos has superior connectivity (come on Apple it's time to develop a static free network), the sound of the Sonos speakers pales in comparison. Bose is Bose is Bose. They make the best speakers in the world - for the price.

    I had a Bose SoundDock and was able to take the battery off of it and use it on my SoundLink Speakers. I so appreciated the interchangeability.

    I highly recommend them.

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    Awesome sound and so easy to set up!

    • Written by from Andover

    Just wanted a decent speaker for my new iPhone. This Bose speaker is awesome in sound alone.
    Requires mains plug in, although rechargeable battery can be purchased as considerable extra cost. However, this speaker has a long mains lead, any longer it would possibly be out of range for the wireless router!!!
    Set up only took a couple of minuets via my MacBook. Now I am wirelessly streaming music via my iPhone or MacBook. Both are running latest Apple software, no issues at all and it's been constantly playing for last Two hours or more!
    Unit is stylish and unimposing, sleek and well designed/built. Small remote is a bonus, for when I am too lazy to get my IPhone out of my pocket.

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    I think it's the best

    • Written by from Rye

    I don't get all the bad reviews. I own my second one since August 2012 (first one died during a flooding), and I'm extremely happy with it.

    My major uses are outdoors, on my deck, at camping and ice fishing and the sound quality is, as long as you place it on something vibrating (like a wooden deck or even a hard plastic cooler) well superior to the competition. I must say that I was mostly impressed by the range. Had it with me on a lake and with my phone in my pocket it kept connected up to an estimated 40 yards. Well, that's open range with no walls or structures.

    Indoor use is impressive, sound reflects of walls, giving you deep and full sound quality.

    About connection issues: never had a serious one but my father in law had one. What helps is to delete the device (forget the device) on the feeding device, shut down the Soundlink and restart. I ran into issues, where the device couldn't re-connect with the Soundlink. Just hit the Bluetooth button on the Soundlink and they will pair up within seconds. For me this is a minor nuisance, not worth discounting the overall quality.

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    Sound quality excellent

    • Written by from San Francisco

    I'm a classically trained musician, 20 years violin, 10 years acoustic guitar, I consider myself to have a very good ear.

    I originally had my heart set on the beautifully designed B&W a5, which turned out to be an incredible disappointment when I compared it to the Bose in the store. While the A5 looks stunning, that's all you're going to get out of that box. I only had to listen to this in the store and compare song for song with the Bose Soundlink Air ($150 less) to declare the winner hands down. For all the B&W hoopla on their tweeter technology, the upper range of the A5 was just plain muffled, no articulation of treble tones; base tones had absolutely no warmth or depth.

    I brought home the Bose unit and could not be happier for the investment - great range and clarity for $350. Plenty of warmth and depth in the base range esp for a bedroom or kitchen. So far the airplay connection works as advertised. Setup is a little cumbersome, but that's the only ding (you need to initially plug the unit into your computer's USB port). If you have an obsession with black fabric and aluminum, buy the B&W. If you like to hear good music, turn to Bose - at least in this price range.

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    Great product

    • Written by from New York

    Easy to pair Smith all my AirPlay devices. Great sound, even as a "sound bar" for my TV.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Mumbai

    This lil piece of equipment is perfect.. The issues mentioned in the other reviews can mostly b resolved by simply restarting itunes . The connectivity is brilliant and so is the sound. Incase of any connectivity issues, Bose has provided an aux port for added convenience. Just wish the battery pack was included in the price as well.

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    Great Sound!

    • Written by from SPRING

    Sorry to read the bad reviews. The sound link works seamlessly on all my Apple products (iMac, iPad, iPhone) We have two wireless networks in our house and as long as my iPad etc. are connected to the correct network ( the same one that the SoundLink is on) it works fine!

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    Love It

    • Written by from CORTLAND

    No issues. I had to upgrade to Mountain Lion OS in order for everything on PC to run through speakers. Previous OS would only allow music from my i-mac. After upgrade, life is good. Easy install. Bose help line was great; got right through and my video sound issue was resolved with the upgrade. Very easy.

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    Same size as SoundDock Portable and uses same battery too

    • Written by from Baltimore

    The setup was easy, but you should know is only finds 2.4 GHz bands. Lucky, I have a dual band router. I have AirPlay devices on the 5GHz band and set this up on 2.4GHz band and thought I would have problems, but I don't
    AirPlay convenience and quality trump BluTooth.
    The is the same size and sound as my SoundDock Portable, essentially the same speaker.
    The sound is amazing and is typical Bose (ever so slightly bass rich).
    It uses the same battery as the SoundDock. If you don't have a SoundDock Portable, you can buy the battery for $80 from Bose to make this portable.

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    Software updates

    • Written by from Arlington

    Works great, easy setup, like the fact that you can get software updates wirelessly.

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    Love the versatility

    • Written by from Miamisburg

    The versatilty of this product is awesome.

    First of all, Bose must have updated the software from the first units, because the setup was a breeze, and I've connected to a variety of devices easily and really fast.

    I can connect to iTunes on my son's Macbook Pro, and easily connect to iTunes on my Windows laptop from work. In addition, I can stream iHeart Radio from my iPhone 4S directly, without having a wifi present.

    The Bose sound from a small package is always something that you can count on, and the fit/finish of the product is great.

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