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    Don't bother

    • Written by from Toronto

    If you're thinking of buying Wahoo products.. DON'T!

    I've spent 2 years frustrated with them. Lost signals, failure to connect, and constant dropped connections. At least half the time I'm either fighting to get these things to connect or they drop somewhere along the ride. I either have to get the club to stop while I fiddle around or ride on without any connections. A fortune spent on new batteries and countless hours cursing, leaving me feeling like a sucker.

    I haven't ridden in the rain, I've haven't gotten them wet or even dusty. These products hardly even work in the basement with a trainer and no other signals around.

    Which products am I talking about? ALL OF THEM. I've had to replace the Wahoo BlueSC 3 TIMES, and the Wahoo BlueHR twice. Now my BlueHR is not working again and the RFLKT no longer connects. Last time I bought a replacement the sales guy said "I'd feel bad for you but you're far from the only one". That's my last time being a sucker.

    Battery changes, resets, NOTHING works. Just like Wahoo products! Save yourself the time and trouble and just buy something else. These are not ready for prime time or anything beyond a casual user.

    Ever notice that nobody has ever posted a long term review of Wahoo products?

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    Speed sensor problem

    • Written by from Belleville

    it detected the cadence sensor, but not the speed sensor. I tried everything to make it work, but no luck; even took the magnet and passed it by the sensor every way possible and still nothing. I called apple and they quickly raised a UPS return label and about 10 minutes later I got an email letting me know that a new one was comin my way. Hopefully this one works fine. Kudo to apple for their service, but not so much Wahoo for a lack of quality control.

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    I'm on my second unit with the same issue. Speed sensor will not work

    • Written by from Fort worth

    I moved to this unit from my ANT device since the iPhone 5 bluetooth is pretty reliable for my fitness devices. I use the heart monitor and the Blue SC device from wahoo. I can get the cadence to work but the speed arm doesn't. I even removed the device and did the manual test by moving the magnet over the notched area on the arm using the wahoo utility but to no avail the speed doesn't record. I purchased a second unit to see if the first unit was bad, changed everything out but still the same results from all the test; cadence works fine but the speed arm doesn't. I will contact wahoo to see if my lot number is from a bad manufacturing batch. I've installed over 4 of these types of devices so I understand how to line everything up.

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