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    • Written by from terrebonne


    I can't tell you how happy I am with the purchase of my Classic Collection Libratone Zipp.
    I have been listening to music since I am 13 years old and I am 56 years now...
    I was in the market of buying a portable speaker for quite a while.
    I read all kinds of reviews but my eyes catches one of them and it was about your Zipp.
    I received them yesterday.
    I tried them in the basement,in the living room,in my office,in the kitchen and finally in my room that I called my reading sanctuary:this room will be complete in some times.
    I listened to some Miles Davis,Mozart,Steely Dan,Pink floyd,Wes Montgomery and everytime I was flabergasted!
    As an audiophile, I can't thank you enough to have included in such a small piece a quality I have never heard before.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Amazing build quality, even better sound

    • Written by from Arlington

    Not only does this speaker look amazing, it sounds absolutely incredible. It is crisp, has solid bass, and sounds great playing everything from jazz to rap. I love the way you can interchange the speaker covers, too. Really great idea.

    As for the seat up, it's about as easy as you can get - use your USB cable for your iPhone, iPad, etc. and it will share the network settings to get it all set up. That's it!

    As for the portability, it's quite heavy. It's great for moving around the house, on the patio, etc. but this isn't something you would take to the beach. It's a little heavy and obviously pretty expensive.

    If you want great build quality, amazing design and impressive sound performance (and you don't mind paying for it) this is the speaker for you.

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