• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Amazing surround sound for a small-ish speaker

    • Written by from Burnaby

    Just got mine in the mail yesterday! Overall I'm impressed


    - When I tipped the speaker on its side, there was a loose/detached component inside the speaker that was rattling but I'm not sure what it is (doesn't seem to affect the overall function... so far).
    - Taking into consideration the quality of product materials vs. retail price, the speaker is on the pricey side
    - Airplay took forever to set up for some reasons (the Airplay logo wouldn't show up due to recent iOS 7.1 update)
    - Libratone app requires iOS 6.0 or later


    - Amazing surround sound that will be sure to give you goosebumps :)
    - Portable / wireless
    - Sound can be adjusted according to where you place the speakers (Outdoor, Shelf, Table, or Floor)

  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Libratone expensive but impressive

    • Written by from Surry hills

    Look it's not cheap, but it does everything pretty well, portable speaker, airplay speaker, laptop speaker all in one.

    The 1st one I got from the apple store wouldn't stay on the wifi network and dropped off every few minutes and had a really bad delay in sound when using it as an airplay speaker so took it back the next day and this one has worked perfectly.

    Great sound, easy set up, and multiple connection methods including cable, airplay via wifi and direct connect airplay.

    Sound is pretty good for a portable, nice bass and not the tinny noise you expect from other portable models. Only issues are it is not quite loud enough (I like to play it LOUD) and if you have wifi fluctuation it obviously causes drop outs.

    It is a little larger than you'd probably expect but it is portable and not a pain to lug around.

    AND it looks awesome!

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