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    nice speaker, lousy button

    • Written by from Waukesha

    I've had my Libratone for a few months now. Works great. Take it with me to different locations, connect it to networks as an airplay speaker and use PlayDirect too. No problems, sounds great. Until yesterday the unit froze up on me. No buttons I could push would help. It was locked up good.

    I examined the unit and found out the top button was stuck. I bought a $10 torque drive to open up the unit but found out after I opened it up that the top is held on by adhesive. I gently pulled back the top. Re-aligned the switch and my unit is working fine again. Now I know how to fix it when it breaks again. I expect it to break again its a cheap button.

    Good thing I am technically inclined or the speaker would have been in a landfill.

    Come on guys... a $400 speaker system with a $0.05 button???

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