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    GREAT sound, very comfortable. Water resistant... not so much

    • Written by from San Clemente

    I'm on my 4th and 5th set of these (all but the first two are warranty replacements). They sound amazing. I switched to X-1s out of necessity while my current two pairs were in the shop and those sounded absolutely terrible in comparison.

    These headphones are also comfortable and stable.

    BUT (and it is a BIG BUT), I do not think that they are water resistant. I use them to run 3x a week and at the gym 3x a week. After a few months of use, each pair has either cut out on one side, lost functionality of the in-line controller, or started to randomly call up siri during normal use. In short, they become unusable. My only explanation is that sweat is getting in the inline controller (from running down the cord) and screwing up the circuits. That said, the company has been great about warranty replacements... but you have to do without the headphones for a few weeks while you exchange them.

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