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    Do not loose the silicone ear adapters!

    • Written by from BURNABY

    These headphones are great, but there is two negatives about them:
    1) Never loose the ear adapters! I lost one of them, and looked everywhere for a replacement and no one carries them. I called Senheiser and they only carry bags of 10 (10 of the same size!!). For the bag and shipping, it is $30 plus tax. That is nearly 40% of the price of the earphones themselves!! Ridiculous.
    2) The control buttons are too low and hard to reach, and the buttons are so small and close together that it is nearly impossible to get the one you are aiming for. If you do sports with them like I do, you can't afford looking for the button as you are running, cycling or training.

    Otherwise, the sound is good (if you have a good fit with the ear adapters, and provided they don't come off like it happened to me) and they stay well on your ears.

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