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    You can never go wrong with Sennhesier

    • Written by from Verdun

    II have been looking for the perfect pair of headphones for the past two months. I have tried over 20 pairs of headphones. Among all the headphones I have tried, in terms of overall quality, there are two that really stand out, one is Harman & Kardon CL, the other is Sennheiser's momentum.

    If you don’t wear glasses, I would strongly suggest Harman & Kardon, because its sound quality is absolutely superb. However, since it's on-ear, and it's extremely uncomfortable when you wear for longer periods of time. The headphone presses against the glasses, it constantly gives me a headache. Momentum, on the other hand, doesn't have that problem. Since its over-ear, it covers your ear completely and doesn't presses against your glasses. And its leather ear cups are really comfortable for longer listening.

    When you look for a pair of headphone, there are several important factors you need to take into account. Sound quality, comfortability, design, etc. After trying so many pairs of headphones, I realized you can't have it all, you have to prioritize which factors are important to you. Sound quality, you can never go wrong with German engineering, Sennheiser is well known for its top notch sound quality, and they proved it again with Momentum. Comfortability, the leather ear cups are extremely comfortable, and its light weight is ideal for traveling and commuting. Design, I would use elegant and low-key to describe Momentum. Noise-isolating, it doesn’t have noise-cancelling like some advertisements say, its over-the-ear design is ideal for noise-isolating. And I think it does a good job blocking out most of the noise, but don’t expect it to be like Bose QC 15. Portability, the headphone itself cannot be folded and have to be included in a giant but secure carrying case. That doesn’t really bother me, but it could affect some people.

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    Absolutely Fantastic

    • Written by from 강남구

    I just purchased Momentum headphones from my local apple store, and they sound absolutely fantastic. The bass is rich and the clarity of the audio is superb. Seriously, when I compared this to my brother's Beats Pro, Sennheiser sounded much better. The comfortability is also ever lasting since the ear cups are made out of luxurious leather.
    The sound isn't tedious at all and you will enjoy more and more as you listen to your music through this headphone. I'm impressed Sennheiser.

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    best 350$ headphones

    • Written by from richmond hill

    I had a hard time deciding between these and the Amperior, but each one is so unique that they are very different yet both very amazing headphones.

    These ones have a bit less presence in treble and base compared to Amperior but they provide a more open and wide sound; they are aslo around the ear (partial) as compared to on ear. at 350 Canadian $ you could not get a better headphone.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Spectacular! Solid bass and extended highs while still being "true"

    • Written by from Surrey

    I bought these cans for my son to listen to his Iphone on. I have an older pair of HD 600's that I listen to on the computer with a headphone amp and like the honesty of the "Sennheiser sound." We tried a company that had headphones in the same price category first and loved the box, the literature, the added power from the batteries... but in the end hated the sound. I talked my son into trying these... and once he put them on, his eyes popped right out of his head... and he got a huge smile on his face! Now I steal them from him as often as I can because I like the sound and the sensitivity of the Momentums more than the much more expensive HD 600s! Plus of course the Momentums have Iphone connectivity with a Mic. Great Great product!!!! Also an amp is not needed... LOTS of sound straight from the IPhone.

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    Very impressive headphones!

    • Written by from Gatineau

    These headphones sound really good, better than any other headphones that you see in Apple store (even the new B&O H6).

    -Sound Quality:
    Like we all expect from Sennheiser, this headphone has a very good sound quality. You will notice right the way when you first listen to it that the sound is very clear. The highs and mids are very good. The sound is very SMOOTH even at high pitch. Don't believe me? Try to listen some songs by Adele at high volume level, headphones like Bose QC15 will kill your eardrums but the Momentum will still keep the vocal very smooth. Some people may feel that the Momentum lacks of bass, but I personally think that the bass is just right, unlike the artificially boosted bass of the Beats by Dre or a almost complete lack of bass of B&O H6. The sound stage is OK/good for a closed back headphone.

    In my opinion, the Momentum is made for various kinds of music, except those with heavy bass, such as rap, techno, etc. If you prefer headphones with more bass, go for Beats by Dre. They really boom your ears like a subwoofer.

    Compare this to the new Beats by Dre Studio, the Momentum has a lot more to offer at the same price range. Better details, sound stage, mids and highs, and most importantly, it has a lot more natural sound. But I do find the Beats to be more comfortable to wear due to its larger ear cups.

    Compare to B&W P5 and P3, the Momentum has less bass but more clarity.
    Compare to Bose QC15, the Momentum has a warmer and smoother sound but less comfortable to wear.
    Compare to B&O H6, the H6 has a flat sound and almost no bass but more comfortable to wear.

    The sound of the momentum is SMOOTH (I know I said that, but I just wanted to remind you)!

    -Build Quality:
    The built quality is good, except for the plastic housing which in my opinion doesn't fit with the overall quality since the rest of the headphone is covered in leather and metal.

    The headphone can be powered from your mobile device since its impedance is very low (18 ohms). But I really do suggest using a laptop or a portable amp to get the best out of it. It doesn't make any difference if you just listen for fun, but if you want to sit down at a quite place and listen to your favorite music, you need a good output device. I personally use a portable amplifier with the Momentum.

    The ear cups are small for some people.

    Finally, the brown leather pads are a lot darker than those in the photos. Also, the leather is a little dry. Hopefully when you'll get yours, you won't have this issue.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    The perfect headphone

    • Written by from Toronto

    The travel case is bulky, but aside from that, these sound amazing -- not bass heavy, not high heavy, just the right balance -- and also look amazing. Plus (so far) the construction seems much more solid than some of their peers. Really could not ask for a better set of cans.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from SF

    Is there anything more boring than a review of a pair of headphones? I've read many in my pursuit for the perfect pair. In the end I had to rely on a musician friend who recommend Momentum. You might want to pay over $350 for phones but I really don't understand why you would. Great design, great sound...end of story. Buy them.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Headphones, poor quality wire.

    • Written by from Edmonton

    I need not talk about the gorgeous sound that these have, most reviews have already talked about that. However, I will talk about one issue that I have had regarding the remote wire. The glue dried out in the one that came with my headphones (black plastic headphone jack is glued into the plug mechanism) and so I had them send me a replacement wire. Low and behold, as soon as I plugged it in and tried to pull it out the jack came out on this one too. I'm not sure if it's a generic problem or if I'm just incredibly unlucky, but this is a issue I'm not really happy about, as "ze germans are know für die quality oof zer stuff". However, that being said, this issue is nowhere near big enough for me to even consider the notion to dislike these headphones as these headphones are absolutely the most incredible ones that I have ever heard.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best in class!!!

    • Written by from Teaneck

    Excellent sound, super comfy and soft, premium feel. Worth the money. I looked at and listened to a lot of similarly-priced products, b&w p5, beyerdynamic dt1350, Sony mdr 1r, v moda m100 and beats executive. Also listened to several less expensive options.

    The momentums are best for all-round use. Best sound to my ears, best comfort. (There are better options if u want so called open back headphones, but those are not meant for public use bc they are open on the outside and everyone around u will hear them.).

    However, everything at this price point is a solid choice. If u have time, Listen to all the options available in this price range and pick the one that sounds best to u. If u don't have time to listen to different headphones (ideally in your home for at least an hour each), buy the momentums :)

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best headphones I've ever owned

    • Written by from Pacifica

    These are easily the best headphones I've ever owned. I also own two pairs of Bose QC, Bowers and Wilkins P5's, Harman Kardon over-ear, some great old Sonies, Ultimate Ears custom made (before they got bought), and a variety of other cans. I'm kind of a perfectionist when it comes to sound, and absolutely nothing I have heard compares to these. The most honest and reliable sound reproduction I've had. Add to that they're ultra durable, and I don't worry about them getting stolen at coffee shops or traveling 'cause they don't look that fancy.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Good but pricy

    • Written by from Örebro

    The sound lives up to its expectations however after hours of wearing them they do start to get uncomfortable. Also the connector has started to give up after soon 2 years of use. All in all the headset gives you a feeling of quality so aside from what I previously mentioned its a good headset.

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    Okay, but not great

    • Written by from Bethesda

    I bought these headphones online because they weren't available for screening at my local Apple store. I've had Sennheiser products in the past and they are generally excellent products. I must say, however, that I was disappointed with this model. Despite what previous reviewers have said, I did not find the clarity that impressive and the bass was not particularly tight. I would have given the Momentums a 4-star rating if they cost $200, but for this price, I expected more.

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