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    Start of something big...

    • Written by from AURORA

    Boy, oh boy!

    You can never tell what is good sound and sot so good sound while in an Apple store. Always seems to be a jazzy atmosphere. Some items that are just ordinary seem all of a sudden to be special. So although the Parrot looked a little different, when I tried them on and listened to the sound I was not overly impressed.

    Later at a specialty gadget store –Brookstone—I tried on another pair. A bunch of Bluetooth headphones were on a display tree. I tried several models/makes. But only the Parrot caught my attention. My wife noticed the excitement in my eyes and POW! I got a pair for Christmas.

    Well let me tell you this: They are far better than I thought. Their sound is reminiscent of the days of lying on the living room floor until the wee hours of the morning.

    Back then the headphones were almost glued to my ears as the heat/sweat suctioned my face like a clamp. But it was ok, because I was enveloped in the sound. (Of course it’s all relative. The only other sound “systems” were the console and 8-track!)

    The Bluetooth Parrot Zik’s are great. I have listed to Internet streamed music, my own home music. I have enjoyed them on my iPhone, iPad, desktop, and laptop and also at the gym.

    A comfortable listening range of about 30-35ft.

    They are not inexpensive, but they are also not cheap. The ear cushions are well thought out. No sweating—comfortable even after a long session.

    The volume, on/off, previous/forward and ability to listen and talk on the phone~~~ Pure Genius!!

    In addition a VERY USEFUL and downloadable app that lets you really tailor the sound to YOUR taste. Serious.

    Very Cool,

    Thanks Sweetheart!

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    Nothing Special

    • Written by from Chapel Hill

    Sound is dead on the low end, or should I say "muted." Highs are screechy, especially for classical music. Not very comfortable...but hey, they're trendy...

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Wow! The other 5 star reviews are no lie!

    • Written by from Juneau

    I am SO glad that I did NOT listen to the 1-2 star reviews! I went ahead and purchased at Apple, and I whole heartedly agree with the 5 star reviews!

    My headphones of choice are my BeyerDynamic DT-1350-80 & Sony MDR-MA900. These cans rival them and these are BLUETOOTH HEADPHONES! I even dare say that they can actually sound better with tweaking of the soundstage.

    I really do prefer to enjoy my music rather than care about how flat or "as close to reference" a set of cans can be so, I guess that makes me a non- audiophile. My desire to hear the best that my music can sound is what drives me though. That explains my other two headphones of choice. The BT's for "reference" and portability and my MA900'S for soundstage and enhanced PC gaming experiences.

    An extra bonus of late is that they work great with my Nokia 1020 now with the new Windows Phone 8 Parrot Audio Suite!

    As for most of the 1-2 star ratings; there's an old saying I had in the military, "Be smarter than the equipment!". Read the manual and actually TRY to use your $400 headphone gear properly! Nothing is more annoying than reading bad reviews due to a user's ignorance!

    It is IMHO, that these Ziks are the best Bluetooth Headphones you can get while also being as close to "wired" quality as you can get. But don't take my word for it, go try them out for yourself!

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    Great but not too loud for apple devises and pretty pricy

    • Written by

    These headphones are great headphones. The noice cancellation is great sound is great and even has a fantastic bass. All or the features are pretty cool but the headphone does take a while to pause after you take it off of your head. The one and only complaint I have is that for apple devises they defiantly don't get as loud as they do for android. They are also alittle pricy. Besides for that great headphones. Would buy if this is the price range you looking for.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent headphones

    • Written by from Montreal

    These are simply the best headphones I've ever owned, wired or not. The sound and noise cancellation are both outstanding, the headphones are extremely comfortable, the Bluetooth connection is reliable, and the touch controls put these headphones into an entirely different category. In my opinion, these are amply worth the stiff price tag; I've had wired headphones that cost as much or more and didn't match these in terms of sound quality.

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    Best Wireless Headphones

    • Written by from New York

    Over the years, I have tried dozens of earphones, from Apple, Bose, Sony, Klipsch, and many others. None of them have been provided as good sound, quiet, and comfort as the Parrot Zik by Starck. The earphones can be connected directly to an iPhone, iPod, iPad, Mac, and even to airplane seats with a supplied cable. I fly several hundred thousand miles a year and use the Parrot earphones to listen to the music from the airplane seat and my various devices. It has four microphones that detects ambient noise and virtually completely eliminate all background noise. That coupled with a very comfortable cushion, very little sound in your surroundings will get through.

    The earphone has three unique features that I have not seen in any other earphone.
    1. You increase or decrease the volume by swiping the right earphone with your finger up or down.
    2. You single-tap to stop, double-tap to start.
    3. You swipe forward to go to the next song, and swipe backward go to the previous song.
    4. If you take off the phone (it senses where your ear is in the cushion), it will turn off the music on your device.

    The sound quality is superb, studio quality with deep base and great high frequency. On the iPhone and iPad, you can download a Parrot Audio Suite where you can experiment with all sorts of sound effects (changing the stereo effect, etc.)

    The length of the battery depends on use. If you are in a noisy environment and are playing the music at a high volume, it can go for 4-6 hours on a single charge. You can charge it while listening. I charge it by plugging it into the USB port of the Mac that I am using or a small portable battery with a USB port that I carry until the light on the earphone turns green, usually a few hours of charging will do the job.

    Finally, you can set the device so that it answers your phone with a single tap of the right earphone. The music stops and the quality of the phone call is really very good with all the noise cancellation that the earphone provides. The caller hears very little background noise and you hear no background noise. This is very carefully thought out and engineered earphone that operates remarkably well.

    All devices of course may have some drawbacks. Here are some.
    1. Batteries. The batteries do not appear to be replaceable. I have had the device for since last fall (for about 8 months) and it is still functioning well. Yes, it is a expensive headset and I worry about what would happen if the batteries were to die. So far, that has not happened.
    2. The device is bulky. Although it folds flat, it takes quite a lot of room.
    3. Sometimes, the device can get confused if you have too many bluetooth devices clamoring for its attention. When that happens, I just pull out the cable that connects it directly to the devices and plug it in to listen to the music. The earphone turns off the bluetooth when it senses music coming in through the cable. Of course, when you are not connected via bluetooth, it behaves like a dumb but very good earphone.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Love them

    • Written by from Bolton

    I would guess that some of the people that are having problems do not have them set up properly. I have used them with 1st gen. iPad, macbook and iPhone 4 and 5. They work great with all.

    I have used these for walking and listening to music or audio books and they are fabulous. I turn the noise cancelling off when walking.

    I have used these on a flight and found the noise cancelling excellent.

    The parrot app works well and is such a cool feature.

    Sound quality is great imo but I am not a audiophile. Once the battery is dead they still work with a cord but the quality of sound is diminished. I usually carry a portable charger with me so that happened once.

    I would recommend them and purchase them again if I had to.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best Wireless Headphones

    • Written by from Windsor

    The Parrot Zik headphones offer excellent sound for wireless Bluetooth earphones.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best purchase of 2013

    • Written by from Haslemere

    If travelling by air and rail has taught me anything this year, it's that good noise-cancellation is essential if I'm to cling onto whatever sanity I have left.

    While the battery life could be better, the noise-cancellation is - in my opinion - better than the Bose QC3's (it doesn't feel as brutal, yet works just as well) and the sound quality is brilliant (I'm no audiophile, so they sound amazing to me).

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Englewood

    I had three problems with this product: When I did a side-by-side comparison on an airplane flight with my 1st generation Bose headphones purchased 3 years ago, I found the noise cancellation to be inferior on the Parrot product. Second, the headset is very heavy, causing some strain after a few minutes; And last, although the wireless pairing is simple to set up, I could not get enough volume to the headset from my iPhone. Volume from my iPad was fine.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Really Awful Battery Life and Poor Support

    • Written by from GREELY

    I do like the sound and the noise cancellation, especially when I am cutting the grass, HOWEVER!

    I am on my second set of Parrot Zik headphones because the first ones could not charge the battery. They sent me a new battery for the 1st set but it JUST would not charge.

    Now my 2nd Headphones work for only 10 minutes and the battery is dead. So I am not impressed with these. The features are all cool, but of no value if I can't use them due to battery and charging issues.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Do NOT Lose

    • Written by from NEW YORK

    Love these due to the fact that they are luxury looking and have cool touch functionality. I had mine for 8 monts and was able to justify the purchase until one day...I could not find them. That's $400 folks, down the drain.

    So think long and hard. I know that has nothing to do with the quality of the product, but I want to first make sure that you think about this type of investment. Beats By Dre are recognizable, but as I found out, so are these. People know what they costs and may have their eyes on you. Just be aware.

    That said, I liked them enough to buy another pair when mine were lost/stolen. The bass is not ideal, so if your volume is up while listening to bassy music (I like rap), there will be bad clipping. But i live in NYC and the noise cancellation is incredible. I do not walk around with any headphones blaring because I need to be aware of my surroundings. This has a nice range of sound.

    Again, mine were stolen or lost and I immediately slapped down another $400 plus tax for another pair when i could have at that point chosen cheaper options. So to me, that's the best endorsement that I can think of. I have effectively paid $800 for these and have no regrets...other than losing them :)

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Sound but Only for 10 Minutes

    • Written by from Platte City

    The sound of these headphones via Bluetooth blows away the sound of the wired Beats headphones I have. I saw them while traveling through the airport in ATL, tested them, put my beats in my bag, bought the Ziks, and kept going. It's only been one day and I can't wait to fly back through ATL tomorrow and take them back. On average, I get about 10 minutes before the headphones, via Bluetooth, beginning stopping and starting on their own. It's annoying. Since they are touch sensitive I thought that maybe wind was causing them to do so but they even did this while in my hotel room. I've deleted the pairing and re-paired. I've take out the battery and reinstalled. I've turned off and back on all the features and the most minutes I've gotten before they start acting up is 18 minutes, I'm disappointed and can't wait to take them back. My advice is to wait until the technology gets better. These are on track but not there yet. If anyone knows how to fix this -on-again-off-again problem, please post. I'd love to keep them but need them to work for more than 10 minutes at a time.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Not the greatest!

    • Written by from Cypress

    I purchased these in Jan 2013. I liked the quality and the sound. For such an expensive pair they don't include a case or extra battery. Also noticed if looking down, sideways or moving suddenly there was significant distortion. They load up quickly but cannot pair to multiple devices simutaneusly. They are also tight on the head, my ears began sweating, and I needed a break from them after about an hour. I travel frequently anf need a good pair of headphones that are comfortable during flights. On short flights i have not been able to get through a movie on my ipad withou removing the headphones to take a break. i hate to see how they perform with flights longer than 5 hours. on a 3 hour flight i switched to earbuds to get a break.They are difficult to lay down and listen to music since they are quite bulky. I took them back to the store in May 2013 and looking for a good pair of noise canceling headphones with great quality. I have the Bose QC15 and looking for something to outperform them on longer flights.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Awesome Cans

    • Written by from Chicago

    Touch controls...volume and direction are on the right ear can
    Bluetooth...Has a backup cable when batteries run down. Bluetooth is better than what I've had in BEATS or PUMA BT headsets
    Noise cancelling works with 4 onboard microphones.
    Can tell when your cans are on your head and when their on your shoulders - great for when someone stops you for directions - pauses your activity

    The cans are great for phone usage but when your using the cable there is no microphone support or volume control when plugged in. You have to go to the Parrot app on your iPhone to control your sound and chat. BAD IDEA.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    just buy them

    • Written by from Naperville

    OK i devoted months to reading online reviews of headphones to see what was best. Online, the Parrot Ziks scored well in the "wow" factor, but less on sound quality. I ended up buying a set of PSB M4U 2 cans which are corded and they are great. Great sound stage. I'm not sorry i bought them. But going to the Apple Store last week to buy another Cinema Display and seeing the Ziks in stock reminded me I had never gotten over my love affair with them...so i bought the Ziks. If i had to do it all over again, i would buy the Ziks right away. No problems with bluetooth. Sound is great. Portability with no cords is unbelievably cool at the office, commuting. And the wow factor! I use them every day. The ANC is stellar on the Ziks. Try putting them on your head with them turned off, then turn them on and hear the silence...it's like you're working from outer space. Just buy them! You won't regret.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    If these were 200.00 they would be acceptable.

    • Written by from EAGLEVILLE

    The headphones are pretty great, the fit the app and the noise cancellation. The only complaint I have is the sound, which is after all why you buy headphones. You have to individually adjust volume on the headphone and on the iOS device. The max volume isn't loud and the bass distorts before even adjusting the EQ. It thumps and makes listening uncomfortable. I am not a bass fanatic but I do enjoy listening to bass without it sounding like the speaker is going to explode. I was pretty disappointed as I looked forward to buying these for a while but I think I am going to stick to my P5's until I pull the trigger on high end Sony bluetooth headphones.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Windermere

    They are awesome. The sound is fantastic. The app works great. They are very durable. I travel every week... and they stand up to travel very well. The noise canceling is comparable, if not better than Bose. The sound, using my iPhone 5 is exceptional. I hear notes, I have never heard. The coolest thing is the touch control on the right ear... so you can do volume, or control your music. Cant stand Bose anymore, after using these. A lot of people are curious, when they see them... not too many people have ever seen them. They are a little bulky... but they have to be, in order to be to be around ear. They are not cheap... but they are worth it.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    The best in its class

    • Written by from Makati City

    Awesome sound and touch technology. Worth every penny. If you want premium and to stand out, Zik is the best.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best Wireless Headphones I've Found

    • Written by from Topeka

    The sound quality is excellent. They paired to my iPhone quickly and have never failed to link up. The noise cancelation is wonderful. Quite simply the best headphones I have ever owned. I purchased them in Nov. 2012. They are a bit on the heavy side, so if a lighter version becomes available, I will buy them in a heartbeat. I listen to music mostly, but when the phone rings, it is easy to answer or ignore. The mic works very well in phone conversations. Thank you. -- jwp in Topeka

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