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    • Written by from Brooklyn

    The setup of this product is quite simple. Once you have the app downloaded to your iPhone or iPad and you connect the speaker to your wireless network by simply entering your Network password, you will be able to play music on it from all wireless devices in your home (including laptops and desktops).

    The sound on this unit is completely adequate. It's a wireless speaker so if you're looking for McIntosh or Grado level sound quality you need to look elsewhere. If you're looking for a sleek tower (seems bigger in person) speaker that is wireless then this is your guy. At the price point you can't beat it.

    One note: Make sure you have a sufficient wireless router that can handle the bandwidth or else you might get some glitches on playback. I have a very inexpensive router and get a glitch maybe every 8 hours - this is a fraction of a second in which the music skips basically. Not a big deal but a better router would solve the issue.

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