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    • Written by from Miami

    Had them for over a year and used them 3 or 4 times a week for training and they are the best! Even kept working under heavy rain and after it!

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    • Written by from West Vancouver

    I love playing basketball at home and these are great. They have AMAZING sound and its so clear and comfortable. It is not a waste u will love them

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    Do NOT waste your money

    • Written by from Benton

    I admit, I really put headphones through a workout. I'm a bodybuilder so I workout six times a week, 2-2 1/12 hours a day. Doing an hour to an hour and half of weights and an hour of cardio a day I don't just sweat, I pour water out of my body!! Now, I bought these headphones just for that purpose, it said they were sweat proof. I have the Beats Solo HD, and figured, great, I can have an awesome set of headphones that pump out amazing sound that will stand up to my workouts (considering they are 150 bucks I should be able to swim with things on!). WRONG!! After a week the controls broke, first the volume wouldn't adjust, then it wouldn't change songs, then the control component simply broke in half! Don't waste your money, the Apple in ear headphones work much better at only 80 bucks, sound isn't quite as good, but they at least live up to their Apple name and price. I give BEATS an epic FAIL on these headphones, take some tips from apple guys if you want to put out a "workout" headphone.

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