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    Ear buds and clip ons

    • Written by from Scituate

    I have a pair of Dr. Dre clip on headphones. I use them for walking my dog. They are very good sound and they stay on my ears. I can also hear people and sounds around me so they are not isolating headphones and shouldn't be. Heavy workouts and sweat will ruin most headphones as they are not designed to be waterproof. Ear buds that come with iPods are actually very good especially apple ones for sound but some stay in some ears better than others. I have trouble with apple headphones for a variety of reasons. The new ones fall out of my ears. These clip ons are my alternative and they work for me. In general and with reasonable care ear buds actually can outlast many home over the ear models. Like a good pair of shoes they either fit or don't. Buyer beware. Also headphones even the same model seem to be rated for color over quality and that to me is strange. Dr Dre and Bose work hard to make good headphones,so does apple. None are bad or poor choices but choice is individual. What works for you is best,all sound very good.

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