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    Headband cracked

    • Written by from Sinabelkirchen

    Already read somewhere before the purchase that somebody's headband had cracked, but thought it's a result of lack of care. But when the headphones arrived I understood the issue: A 2mm thick plastic headband is supposed to withstand the strains of daily use. And surely, after 2months of (careful) use, the headband broke. Just like that.

    Apart from that relatively positive experience, no pairing issues with iPhone4S, iPhone4 and the Macbook (the first device I managed to pair to my macbook), sound quality good, songs do skip a little forward at the very beginning of the song.

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    Reported problems which affect multiple phones

    • Written by from London

    I've had my Beats Wireless for 7 months now and can tell you that many of the problems reported here are not just specific to iPhones. As well as my iPhone 4 I have noticed the same problems on my Galaxy S3 as well as my old Nokia Xpress. Random dropouts of audio or headset buttons failing to respond. Just to day (reason for me finding this thread) I've realised that streaming videos from YouTube or Vimeo while using headphones can be a problem also. Found it very difficult even on wifi to get videos to even load, but the moment I disconnected they loaded. I had this issue on both my iPhone and S3. I wonder if this is a Bluetooth frequency interference?
    If those problems can get sorted that would be great, but I don't think its an Apple issue.

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    Make your own decisions but here is my experience

    • Written by from Watertown

    I bought these with the desire to have wireless, bluetooth, and noise canceling. I didn't care about all the negative reviews I had heard as everybody has their own opinion. The negative aspects that I have heard did not seem to bother me; but for one big reason. The earpieces are really uncomfortable and I only wore them for a few hours one day and had to return them. They were that bad. I had a cheap pair off eBay before these and those were some off brand that were ok for sound, but comfort wise they were no problem compared to these. I just wanted to get something "better" and these did not deliver. While I had them they were ok in every other aspect, but like I mentioned they were just to painful to my ears being pressed in that I could not keep them. I am trying the Bose Wireless now and will see how those go.

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    Almost Perfect.

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    It was almost perfect but it's difficult to get videos to even load, but the moment I disconnected they loaded. Please Fix This!

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