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    Not sure why Mophie refuses to make this obvious change...

    • Written by from Shelton

    I have been using Mophie cases since my iPhone 3...I love having the additional backup battery. The 4 has a very lousy design. When ever I dropped it it landed on the same corner that their charging jack is located. When it drops 3-4 times its starts to crack there. (Who doesn't ever drop their phone???) While I'm happy the case protected the phone, it caused the jack to malfunction. I exchanged it once, bought a new one once - hoping that knowing they had an issue - and they KNOW they have an issue they would make a modification... NOPE!

    I have one on my 5s and thankfully they made the change, but I have NEVER been able to get any data to pass through. NEVER since the 3 and they knew that too!

    Not sure if it's an Apple thing or a Mophie thing...But it is a real things and a real pain in the @$$!

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    Adequate but major limitations

    • Written by from Mount Kisco

    As others mention, mophie uses a micro usb port on the outside of the case.
    What this means is that to sync your phone, plug into media port in your
    car or to connect your iphone to any other service that requires pass through
    to the apple port you need to remove the bottom of the battery pack.

    I think this is a cheap design and charging $100 for this is inexcusable other
    than the fact consumers (including myself) will pay for this junk.
    Other than that the battery works and does extend the phone minutes.
    But apple users expect more.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Two major design flaws...

    • Written by from Pleasanton

    This product is slick and works great except they made two big mistakes. First, it has a micro USB jack instead of the same firewire jack on the i5. How many different cables do we need to carry around? Second, instead of just building in a phone jack extension, it uses a lame little extender cable - just another thing to lose or forget when you need it. If the engineers had thought a bit harder this would be a great product worthy of 5 stars.

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    Great! When it works...

    • Written by from OLIVETTE

    Awesome to have when it works but I find myself having to attempt a connection numerous times before it finally connects. Way too much money for the CHANCE of it being able to help. Also very bulky. Rather just get a car charger and hope I dont get lost in the wilderness.

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    Great Idea Horrible Product

    • Written by from Bronx

    The charging case is beyond great when it works and the fact that the price is about the cost of a phone is crazy! However my charging piece never stayed on and now it has finally come off while I was out and is now lost what good is a charging case without the charging part? SO BAD DONT BUY THIS!

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    • Written by from Chicago

    The charger works when the charging port on the Mophie is not brocken or loose. the Micro USB is touchy, and when it becomes loos after wear it has a tendency not to charge and you would have to purchase another. I had 2 one purchased and a warrantied item, and bothe had the same problem after about 18 months.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Two Batteries - Connectors Broke in Both

    • Written by from Perkasie

    Good Batteries and Protection initially but eventually the connector plug became loose in both. First one the connector buried itself all the way into the battery so it was impossible to charge. Second one would only charge in MacPro but not recharge AC pack. I won't buy this product again

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    USB Connector broke...again

    • Written by from Woodway

    This model seems much more cheaply made and the charging port too delicate. I had one previously that, while it was slightly heavier, it seemed more durable. The charging connector broke on that one, but it broke when I dropped it pretty hard, so I can understand this. I've had this latest version for less than a month and I had merely plugged it in for a charge when it stopped making a connection. Now it won't charge at all. i've sent a claim to Mophie, so we'll see if they come through for me. The charging port is far to delicate to be effective over the long haul.

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    Great Product...But

    • Written by from Maharashtra

    It looks great, feels fantastic and sounds like a great idea. But, here are some of the issues that I faced. A) the first juicepack plus that I bought turned out to have some problems with the standby switch and syncing with itunes (which i tried on the Macbook Air, A windows 7 laptop and a Windows 8 desktop just to be sure). B) In the exchanged piece, while the standby-power switch problem got resolved, the sync problem remained. Some folks online have complained about non-sync with itunes (some attributing it to ios 5 and above) which is one of the product's major pitches (canned air applied to the connector has been pitched as a possible solution but didn't work for me). So I would say if you want to buy the juicepack plus definitely a) test if the standby power mode is working correctly (try switching between them a few times to check, it should work seamlessly every time) and b) Check whether the USB sync works fine with your laptop (I actually bought my macbook air to the store where I bought it from to demonstrate the issue, but while they were courteous, they were stumped about this issue).

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